Lime Crime Makeup – ‘So Bright, it’s Illegal’

lime crime

Elizka Watt tells us about an innovative brand, ‘Lime Crime Makeup,’ known for its vivid use of colour and glitter, captured in the tagline ‘So bright, it’s Illegal.’ With its founder being a ‘self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen’, the brand certainly has that touch of fantasy.

In accordance with the General Madness of the Fashion world, once upon a time, a woman from Moscow called Xenia Vorotova decided, on a whim, to move to NY. Dressed in petticoats and armed with a look which resembles that of an unicorn, however much fantasy fiction this may bring to mind, this was simply her first step into the con of the makeup industry (bias aside).  Soon, she started making indie dresses to be flogged on eBay and created her moniker, became the self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen.

After finishing with her dresses, she started dabbling in makeup, finally constructing a brand of colour and creativity, called Lime Crime.  Their slogan is ‘So bright, it’s illegal’. 

What is so special about this brand that I’m writing about it?  Well, to put the dictionary aside, it’s nuts.  And it is – it’s absolutely nuts.  So, let me start on why.  And, most importantly, my favourite area of expertise: lip products.

I’m going to have to give you an atmosphere.  Close your eyes.  Imagine that you are five years old again, dancing in your fairy costume and fantasising that you and your lilac unicorn, Delilah, are going to the fairy kingdom, which is a haze of pastel colour.  This is literally what she is about.  The woman dresses in prom and circus dresses and walks around the streets with glitter on her blue wig and a glittery white horn on her head.  She, Doe Deere, Xenia, is a Unicorn Queen.  Just look at her website – ‘fairy tales’ is the theme of her products.

Right, lipsticks.  So by now you understand why, what and where this woman operates.  Why lipstick?  Weren’t you listening?  Colour.

First off, the Crazies: ‘ Airborne Unicorn’ (I don’t lie), ‘Chinchilla’, ‘Cosmopop’, ‘D’Lilac’, ‘Mint to Be’, ‘My Beautiful Rocket’, ‘New Yolk City’, ‘No She Didn’t’, ‘Styletto’ and ‘Serpentina’, a glittery, dark green lipstick.

Then come the Normals (although where Doe Deere is concerned, there are no normals): ’Centrifuscia’, fuscia lipstick, ‘Coquette’ a sixties inspired tonal nude, ‘Countessa Fluorescent’, a flouro pink, ‘Glamour101’, dark red lipstick, ‘Great Pink Planet’ pastel baby pink, ‘Retrofuturist’, a true red and ‘Poisonberry,’ a dark berry shade with purple glitter.

Now, onto Part two of the lip tirade.  It doesn’t stop here.  Yes, I’m referring to her fabulously mad line of extremely opaque lip glosses. The line is named ‘Carousel Gloss’ because of the carousel like spinning of the container.  The first of her five shades, Candy Apple, is red, very, very glittery, and matte, like lipstick – not sheer at all.  Cherry on Top is a hot pink glitter, Loop De Loop is a navy blue and purple glitter gloss, Kaleidoscope is a dark, wet purple gloss with blue glitter and my favourite: Golden Ticket, a metallic gold. A true gold – it looks like you’ve put molten metal on your lips.

It is not just glitter sparkles, however.  Her products are far too over-priced and frankly, too loud to be worn in public, unless you are in a theatre company.  There are many companies that show the same amount of creativity. Stargazer do silver, gold, and multi-coloured glitter lipsticks, with at least four more blue lipsticks at $3.50 each, where one from Lime Crime is $15.99.  Yes, Doe Deere wanted to found a company to dazzle everyone with her make-up products, but why charge five times more than other products already out there? Not so bright, after all?

Photography: 1,3) Stopsign on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0); 2) Julie Rashelle on Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

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