Music: Villiers’ Vague Utopia – Let’s Party Like it’s the End of Term


By Issy Villiers

For the remaining seven days of term, I’ve compiled an upbeat, melodious array of sweet-sounding dance music, which I believe to be quintessential now that the party season is upon us.

What Issy’s Listening to this Week (30th Nov – 6th Dec)

Artist – Song Title

1. The Other Tribe – Skirts

This song makes one feel like adorning oneself with neon paint and jewels and dancing madly on a mountaintop as the sun sinks.

Fact:The band members are Bristol Unigraduates

2. Disclosure – Latch (feat. Sam Smith)

Two brothers making music that’s really, really wonderful. Listening to their music is like sitting in the Garden of Eden.

Fact: One of them has a musictech A level.

3. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods

Suitable to dance or flail one’s body around to.

Fact: This guy’s name is actually Orlando Higginbottom.

4. Jessie Ware – 110%

Those tender and soothing vocals… They’re just divine.

Fact:Jessie was a guest vocalist on SBTRKT’s tune ‘Nervous’.

5. Rudimental – Not Giving In

I can guarantee that you’ll put it on repeat.

Fact: Rudimental are named after the Rudiments book of piano exercises Kesi’s music teacher taught him as a young ‘un.

6. Theophilus London – I Stand Alone

Compels one to sing at the top of one’s lungs!

Fact: He has Tumblr!

7. James Blake – The Whilhelm Scream

Positively utopian.

Fact: Blake is quite the Mr Darcy of south London with his dark, tousled locks and fine cheekbones. What is there not to love?

Check back next term for more wonderful tracks from Issy.

Photography: hidden shine on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

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