Fundraising Fun at The Nom Nom Games and The Challenge

By Charlotte Jiang

This article also appeared in the Gloucestershire Echo on Monday 3rd December, 2012.

This half term CLC girls have been rearing to go, organising charity fundraisers for the Six College Charities which College has chosen to support this year, and a Mongolian orphanage which girls are visiting on an outdoor ed. expedition in 2013. On Saturday 10th November, the CLC International Society hosted a fun event: ‘The Nom Nom Games’. Based around international cuisine, not only was it a chance to try the flavours of the world, but it also gave the girls the option to participate in what promised to be a very exciting set of games! Girls were already assigned a continent and given a food passport. They then participated in groups (continents) for the various games, which included Sweets in the Socks and Chubby Bunny.

Although the games were extremely good fun, the girls were somewhat more excited about the food which was available for them to gorge on at the Nom Nom Games. The food was arranged in countries and the girls could go about and take whatever food they wished. They would use their food passport, which could take them to many places, including Japan, Korea, India, America, Thailand and also “Jardinia” (named after Ms Jardine Young), which served British food. Sweets were the major highlight of the evening. The Nom Nom Games truly were a mouthwatering, delicious event which the girls will definitely remember.

‘The Challenge’ was when ‘Teachers vs. Students’ battled it out in a general knowledge quiz and Articulate. The evening was highly entertaining for all and all profits made went to a Mongolian charity which the girls are visiting on an outdoor ed. expedition in 2013.

Photography: Sai Phatraprasit

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