Cadbury World is a Chocolate Haven

Cadbury World

By Darcy Beck

Our junior journalists have taken a stab at their first articles – bravo! As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

Cadbury World is a great place to go to for a day trip. It is great for all ages and especially for children.

Anybody who goes there will definitely enjoy their trip as the numerous exhibitions are great for all the family – you can visit the past of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and see the old adverts for Cadbury chocolate. You can appreciate how the chocolate is made,what happens in the factory and you even get to taste some chocolate before it is put into molds! You also get to experience being made into chocolate by a simulator, ride a car through the land of cocoa beans and see how the chocolate is packaged. As well as going to the great exhibitions, Cadbury World is home to the biggest Cadbury’s store in the world.

The exhibitions detail the history of Cadbury, the cocoa bean and Bourneville, where Cadbury’s first shop was situated. It explains how the Dairy Milk bar got the motto ‘a glass and a half’. Cadbury’s world isn’t just full of chocolate, but it contains lots of history, making it great for children. It is open all week (and Saturdays and Sundays!) – so if you have free time, try going on a trip there.

Above all, Cadbury’s World will always brighten your spirit by wowing you with its history, awing you with its model of the Olympic stadium, made entirely out of chocolate, and much more. It takes you to a different world with its ride and simulators and – on top  of that – cheers you up with free samples of melted Dairy Milk and free chocolate bars. This all adds up to a great day out for whole the family!

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