Missing Spain’s Summer Sun

Our junior journalists have had their first articles published. As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).
Violeta Marco tells us about her favourite things to do at the beach in Spain. It’s the perfect time to reminisce about summer, in the bleak midwinter! Sit back, relax, and soak in the metaphorical sunshine of Violeta’s reflections.
I love…
1. Swiming in the glorious, crystal sea

Isn’t it fun to go swimming by the seaside?  Splashing around in the waves, having a blast and looking for hidden treasures in the rock pools are the best.

2. Walking the dog 

There is nothing more relaxing than walking along the beach with your lovely, amazing dog and feeling the cool breeze blow on your face. As you feel the water crawling up your feet, you’re nearly ready to fall asleep.

3. Making huge sandcastles

Do you think making sandcastles is boring? It is not, only, they are meant  to be made with patience. I love collecting shells.

4. Sunbathing

Lots of girls want to be tanned in summer, but if you are one of those who wants to be, it is imperative that you put on suncream. Don’t get caught out by cancer !

5. Enjoying my day

The most important thing to do is enjoy your day because if you don’t enjoy it, there is not much of a point in your going to the beach.

Photography: SubtlePanda on Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

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