Aunty Athena: Pegasus in Pain

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

Our lovely Aunty Athena gives friendly advice to our readers.

Dear Aunty Athena, 

I am suffering from a severe addiction and I’ve tried everything – phone lines, help groups, discussions with my tutor and Housemistress… Yes, I am addicted to Pegasus Pages. I check the website everyday. I am subscribed on emails, Twitter, and Facebook.What can I do? It’s starting to take over my life.

Much obliged,

Pegasus in Pain


Dear Pegasus in Pain,

The severity of such an affliction cannot be underestimated; you have my sincere commiserations and pity. Obviously an obsession of any sort can be damaging and corrosive, even if it is to something as fascinating and entertaining as Pegasus Pages. Obsession, whether it’s with a television program, a type of food, or a person, is never healthy, no matter how fantastic the object of your affection is. But so the question remains: what to do? To the internet, honey! A mine of information containing in excess of 644 million active websites; I promise you, somewhere, you can find something to replace, and at least partially fill the void left when Pegasus Pages has been read. Try websites like BBC Slink and Rookie Mag – funny and insightful; although they may not replace the unique connection of Pegasus Pages, they may at least partially satiate your hunger for journalism and creative writing.

Aunty Athena

If you would like to get in touch with Aunty Athena and email her your troubles, pop a message to: or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll pass it on.

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