Villiers’ Vague Utopia – Chill


By Issy Villiers

Laze, lie, lounge, and relax to these handsome hombres and señoras.

What Issy’s Listening to this Week (18th Jan – 25th Jan)

Artist – Title

1. Bastille  Bad Blood

I’m counting down the days until their album is released.

Expected release date: 4th March (according to iTunes)

Fact: They have played a gig at St. Pancras International Terminal in the middle of rush hour.

2. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl  The Bike Song

Evokes fond memories of Boris bikes excursions around the leafy streets of West London.

Fact: Mark Ronson was good friends with the legend that was Amy Winehouse.

3. Crystal Fighters  At Home

Great to listen to when punting in the late summer.

Fact: Gilbert Vierich likes to collect, quote, “Black on black on black hoodies. Give me solid colors. And give Graham checkers and Sebastian stripes.”

4. Fleet Foxes  Mykonos

Each and every one of their songs is beautiful and shall leave you feeling like a true country bumpkin, rustic, earthy, old-fangled and ancient, utterly at one with flora and fauna.

Fact: The most beautiful four-man vocal harmonies out there.

5. The Horrors  Still Life

Lots of mother nature imagery, comrades.

Fact: Frontman Faris Badwan attended public school, Rugby, followed by studying illustration at Central Saint Martins, eventually delaying his studies to focus on his sweet-sounding music with fellow allies Joshua Hayward, Tom Cowan, Rhys Webb and Joseph Spurgeon.

6. Bombay Bicycle Club  Beg

Such an enchanting sound.

Fact: Bombay Bicycle Club have danced onstage with playboy bunnies in Ibiza!

7. Peace  Bloodshake

Sway, trip, twirl, whirl, pirouette, gyrate, bop and boogie to this kinsmen.

Fact: These gents have their own manifesto – how highbrow.

Henceforth, Villiers’ Vague Utopia will be a monthly feature, so check back next month for more delightfully whimsical tunes.

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