Go Big or Go Home

By Sosa Omorogbe

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

What is Christmas without colours? I posed this question to a member of the fashion team last week, and she paused. Then she stared. Finally came the hesitant reply: “Makeup-wise… nothing.” Call me biased (I remain partial to the shimmery eye), but I genuinely had no choice but to agree. Colours (metallics in particular) embody the general consensus of joy that makes everyone love Christmas. Simply put, they’re a ton of fun to fool around with. This therefore makes them perfect for Pegasus Pages’ Christmas makeup look. Why? Because nothing says “Hello, Merry Christmas. I am here” like big, wild hair and expressive eyes.

Just ask Diana Ross. The cover for her album, Surrender, provided us with a strong visual upon which we could build the foundation and vision of our assault, with the help of our AK47s (i.e. false lashes and electric blue eyeliner, modeled by Karen). Christmas is hardly the season to be timid. Take another cue from Ms. Ross – be fun! The Fashion & Beauty Team at Pegasus Pages encourages you to go a little Sasha Fierce this Christmas. Let that alter ego spread its wings.

We do, however, understand that restraint is key for some. So we implore you not to be afraid to sparkle a bit: people may stare, but spreading cheer with some bright apparel never gets old! So don your colourful jumper (à la Biggie Smalls) and whip out that Texas blowdry – Christmas is here, people !


SKIN: I’m a firm believer in the notion that good makeup goes hand-in-hand with good skin, so we prepped Karen’s skin for the assault with these products:

Origins Never A Dull Moment facial cleanser

La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale

Neutrogena Oil-Free Anti-Acne moisturiser

A mixture of Aesop Camelia Nut cream & LUSH Skin Tint in ‘Feeling Younger’

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Maybelline Primer

Key word: moisturise. I find that if your skin is nice and hydrated (no desert skin, please!), everything else is much easier. Do whatever works for you, whatever makes the whole process flow. After we primped Karen’s skin, we got on with the makeup aspect: foundation, concealer, Touche Eclat, powder, you name it. In this case, I did what I always do when I can’t find the right match – I mixed. Karen’s foundation is a mixture of NARS Firming Foundation in New Guinea and Lancome Le Teint Idole foundation in 13. Lastly, I followed this up with a coat of the MAC Mineralize Powder and a slick of blush.

EYES: We started of with a bit of eyeshadow primer – just to get rid of excess oils. I prefer to apply eyeshadow first, simply because I think all eyeliner looks better when it’s pure, not watered down by some shimmery stuff straight off the Naked2 Palette. We mixed 4 shades (Booty Call, Half Baked, Chopper, and Busted) to get the shade Karen’s sporting in the pictures. Next came (what was to me) the most fun part of the whole look: the metallic blue liner (courtesy of Maybelline) applied generously across the waterline. Karen applied this herself because honestly, nobody can do your liner better than you can.  Yay to DIY, nay to all the potential eye-stabbing scenarios. Metallic blue eyeballs aren’t cute. Then came a super thin strip of Urban Decay’s liquid eyeliner in Perversion – applied just along her top lash-line. Last, and most importantly: the falsies. I’m convinced that I’ve managed to trap a nerve somewhere in my hand because the skill needed to apply false lashes eludes me. Seriously. As a result, Kony stepped in and saved the shoot with her steady hands and fabulous falsies.


LIPS: Although I don’t usually adhere to this rule (thick black eyeliner and bold lipstick save my life daily), we decided to cater to some of you moderation-loving folks out there. Consequently, Karen’s lips were just slicked over with some (officially discontinued) Illamasqua lip gloss and Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Baby Doll. We then dabbed it off, leaving some tint and moisture, but hardly any gloss.

On a side note, if you do like some lip action (and by ‘action’, I mean lipstick), I would recommend that you head on over to Tom Ford and check it out. Although his lipsticks are a bit pricey (£36 for one), they really are worth it. Seriously. Your Tom Ford lipstick isn’t going anywhere – it will persevere through the horde of tactile relatives this Christmas, so do indulge.


HAIR: We started by teasing (with a fine-tooth comb, of course). This should be done in layers, starting from the ends to about 1 inch above the roots – don’t go all the way on this one. To complete the look, we took Kony’s fancy roll brush and blew out the area around Karen’s center parting. And voila, we were good to go!

Ps. If, like me, you need help keeping your hair in place, some Bumble and Bumble hairspray should do the trick.

Karen Emodi photographed by Dave Stokes and Sosa Omorogbe.

Hair and Makeup : Kony Akinrele and Sosa Omorogbe

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