TOP SHELF: Shakira Sewell

Shakira Sewell speaks to Pegasus Pages on brand loyalty (Pevonia, anyone?), the coolness that is Wah Nails, and why tinted moisturizer is the way forward.

 “I don’t really wear that much makeup – natural’s the way to go. I find that loads of makeup can be a bit overwhelming. [Laughs] So I’m trying to stay away from that! I’m a big fan of MAC’s tinted moisturizer. Foundation can be so heavy. 2With skin, a healthy medium is good, I guess. I don’t like being matte and I don’t like shiny skin because it just looks a bit greasy. I like to be somewhere in the middle. Excluding that, I usually use black liquid eyeliner.  I only go halfway across my top lid; it’s just nicer, simpler. I don’t like fully black eyes because they can be a bit much. What else…? Mascara! I really like mascara. Sometimes, if I’m going out I put on fake lashes just because I quite like them. I never ever put on any of that eye powder… Eye shadow. [Laughs] I wear a bit of bronzer in Winter- I like being tanned. And I don’t look tanned in winter. My favourite lipstick is Blankety by MAC. It’s kind of matte, but it’s a really close match to my natural lip colour. There’s also a pink tint, which is nice.

When it comes to my face, I wash it every day. I try to wash it twice a day – once in the morning and once in the night, but I’m quite a heavy sleeper. [Laughs] I lie-in till about 8am most times, so skincare in the evening is definitely easier for me. I’m 100% loyal to this brand called Pevonia. I’ve been using it since I was 13, so that’s about 3 years now. I find that the consistency works for me. They have a really good range for all types of skin. There’s like a teenage one, which is great because I break out sometimes. There are three parts of my skincare. It’s just the standard cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I sometimes forget to put on the moisturizer, which is awful because my skin gets really dry looking afterwards.

I wash my hair quite often, probably every other day or every three days. And I straighten it a lot. My go-to is Pantene. They do this shampoo that’s for really thick hair. My hair’s quite full so the shampoo just gets it looking a bit calmer. Also, I always blow-dry my hair! That’s purely for aesthetics though. Hair that’s blow-dried just looks nicer than when it’s left to air-dry: it just looks horrible and matted then. I don’t really like that look. [Laughs] I only recently started dyeing my hair- maybe about a year ago. It started with some dip-dye then I dyed it darker at the end of last summer, so I wouldn’t say that I dye it a lot.

I absolutely love nail varnish. I love getting my nails painted, but I don’t really know why. It’s probably because I don’t actually like my nails: they’re quite short. I always like putting colour on them. Personally, in winter I prefer darker shades. There’s a blue one from Essie on my shelf, that’s my favourite. Then I got some magnetic nail varnish for my birthday, which was fun. I follow Wah Nails (@wahnails) on Instagram, and they’re so cool. I try to copy their patterns sometimes, and it has actually turned out really well! In summer, I quite like matte nails. Different colours are always fun at festivals – maybe something different on each nail. It never bothers me when the polish chips off- that just means it time for a change! [Laughs] However, when I paint my toenails, they stay on for months. It’s ridiculous.”

– As told to Pegasus Pages

Shakira Sewell photographed by Sosa Omorogbe in Cheltenham in December, 2012.

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    why are you so cool? teach me shakira shakira (do your hips lie? SHE WOLF)

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