Sherlclock Countdown to Season 3


By Becky Todd

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Fans of the BCC’s drama series Sherlock (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) will be pleased to hear that filming for the much anticipated third series began earlier last week. The latest series aired over a year ago, ending the finale with an impossible cliff hanger: Sherlock faking his own death. During the hiatus, fan theories for Sherlock’s survival have become steadily more wild and fantastical, ranging from scientifically-accurate to ludicrous.

The filming began on 18th March, having been postponed due to Martin Freeman’s (John Watson) multi-million stint as Bilbo Baggins, after various tantalising photos were shared on the set designers’ twitters of the well-loved 221B interior set being built. (Follow @arwelwjones for more exclusive pictures.) This excitement has been building ever since the revelation a few months ago that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) was beginning to grow his hair again in preparation for the role. Mark Gatiss (Producer) is confirmed to have written the first episode of the new series, with Steven Moffat and Steve Thompson also writing one each, as per the two previous series. Additionally, it has been confirmed in a Radio Times interview that Benedict and Martin have both signed on to a fourth series.

The main question on every fan’s mind is ‘How did he do it?’, closely followed by ‘How did John react?’ and, most importantly, ‘Will Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheekbones be amazing as ever?’ (Answer: probably.) Sherlock’s supposed suicide (dubbed ‘The Reichenbach Fall’) is in line with Arthur Conan’s Doyle’s original novel series, for in what was supposed to be his last Holmes book, The Final Problem (1893), Holmes and Moriarty fell to their death. However, due to huge public outrage and demand for his return, Doyle resurrected him in 1903 in a short story entitled ‘The Adventure of the Empty House’. So keep your Reichenbach feelings under control and get ready to fan yourselves because Benedict and Martin are returning to our screens (hopefully) later this year!

The air date of the BBC’s Sherlock, Season 3 is yet to be announced.

Photography: yaydarkness on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

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