Coming to a Screen Near You


By Allegra Ayida

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Late March to early April is normally that time of the year when New Year fever has worn off,  yet it isn’t quite summer and dreaded exams are fast approaching. Have no fear, film is here… *Ehem*… Or something to that effect. Two favourite genres of mine are Science Fiction and Fantasy and let me give you three good reasons why all is not lost; the Brits are storming America.

First up: Jack the Giant Slayer – Last year we were treated to not one, but two versions of Snow White (lest we forget the questionable Hansel and Gretel witch hunters). It is safe to say that Hollywood has realised fairy tales provide the ultimate escape. Brit. Nicholas Hoult (X Men First Class, skins) stars as the farm boy Jack who, after a run-in with some magic beans, is part of a rescue mission (including Ewan McGregor’s dashing knight) to save a Princess Isabelle. It’s in 3D.

22nd  March, 2013: Be there.

Next up chronologically speaking is Star Trek: Into the Darkness. Whilst Sci-Fi may not be to everyone’s taste, you don’t need to be a Trekkie (über fan of Star Trek) to enjoy this intelligent blockbuster. Director J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, 2009) reintroduced the franchise to a wider audience. Now, Star Trek: Into the Darkness, the sequel, puts Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the Enterprise crew up  against a new challenge. The film includes a beefed up cyber terrorist played by Brit Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock fame.

17th  May, 2013: I’ve already booked my tickets.

Lastly and by no means least: the Brit. Henry Cavill is Superman in a film of a suitably enigmatic title, Man of Steel. You heard right! Henry Cavill (Immortals, Tudors) is set to don the eponymous tights this summer, in what can only be described as the new take on Superman’s original story which we have all been waiting for. If you missed the last Superman, now is not a bad time to jump on the bandwagon with the Director of 300 and Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder. Also look out for Amy Adams (Leap Year, Julie & Julia) as Lois Lane.

14th June, 2013: Set to be a truly Super film.

Photography: by m4tik on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0).

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