Aloha, Hawaii!

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Sixth-former, Rizzy Yamaoka shares the best of what Hawaii has to offer.

 1) Waikiki Beach

It is practically a crime to go to Honolulu without visiting Waikiki Beach! With a large number of hotels in close proximity, you can go from your room to the water in a heartbeat. The hotels also haven’t affected the beauty of the beach at all and the water still has that ‘purest blue’ quality that beach bums (including me!) live for. I think the best part of Waikiki is the exotic fish, which swim as close as 50m from the coastline.


Hawaii 5 2) Kalakaua Avenue

No-one can resist the tempting shopping district of Kalakaua Avenue, which is the home of Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren and Coach, to name a few.


Hawaii 73) The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

This pink palace has been the “it” hotel for almost 100 years. The Royal Hawaiian is the definition of Hawaiian tradition and luxury, having served countless guests including (ironically) Hawaiian royalty and the fabulous Shirley Temple.

Hawaii 9

Those who enjoy spas must book an appointment at the hotel’s Abasa Spa, one of the best in the whole of America! (Fun fact: this was where the “Shirley Temple” drink was created.)




Hawaii 34) North Shore

About an hour away from Waikiki, North Shore is a gem off the beaten track. It is also significantly quieter than Waikiki Beach and is a main attraction for surfers from all over the globe, as well as for the locals.



Hawaii 25) Pearl Harbor

Everyone should visit the remains of the sunken Nevada ship from WWII.

As many of you know, Japanese bombs at Pearl Harbor killed many officers and civilians during WWII. This was a very personal visit for me because of my Japanese nationality , and the trip almost reduced me to tears.

However, the tour of Pearl Harbor is fascinating and highly informative – a definite ‘must-see’.


Hawaii 16) Hanauma Bay

This picturesque nature reserve is one of a small collection in Hawaii. Because of its scientific importance, wearing sunscreen and makeup is prohibited whilst swimming in the bay. So, beware, girls – if you would like to come here, come prepared to be fried like a red lobster.




Hawaii7) Macky’s Kahuku Sweet Shrimp Truck

Amazing shrimps! Need I say more?

8) Ala Moana Center

THE best shopping centre in the whole of Hawaii. Seriously.

Home to Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Hollister. In other words: every girl’s heaven.




Photography by Rizuko Yamaoka.

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