Talks & Lectures: Lavinia Singer Gives Workshop to Nurture Creative Writing Talent


 As seen in the Gloucestershire Echo on Saturday, 13th April, 2013.

By Blossom Cheng

On Tuesday, 29th of January, Lavinia Singer, hosted a Creative Writing Club workshop as an alumna of the Cheltenham Ladies’ College, poet, winner of the Newdigate Prize for poetry, and editor of the Oxford Poetry Magazine. She helped budding writers become more aware about the different ways they could start or develop their poetry.

Offering stimuli such as The Scent of Your Shadow by the Estonian poet and prose writer, Kristiina Ehin, Ms Singer led the girls to translate what they thought the words in the poem might mean.

This was enlightening for some as, despite not knowing any Estonian, they were still able to guess what some words were! The group then proceeded to pick out images and from that develop a character, fabricating their lives: from their age and where they lived, to the biggest pet peeves.

Singer informed the young poets of her struggles to keep writing, suggesting to write whenever they felt inspired – whether it be during a long car journey or walking through a busy crowd. She also mentioned that having a support group to encourage and critique was essential in order to develop one’s writing. Lavinia Singer was a pleasure to have as a teacher and role model, and the girls thoroughly enjoyed her visit back, equipped with youthful wisdom.

Photography: by jjpacres on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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