A Morning of Mayhem on Muck-Up Day 2013


By Isabella Crane

Yesterday was the one day of the year when the Leavers take total control of the school, wreaking havoc on any and all sensible activity throughout the morning.

This year’s Muck-up Day of complete chaos kicked off, naturally, with the appearance of two masked sixth formers in the middle of prayers, wielding water guns and crouching on the top balcony. Ms Jardine-Young’s very polite, and very quintessentially English, “Let’s just carry on, shall we?” proved to be entirely ineffective.

Although, looking back, I am not entirely sure how it happened, Prayers morphed into an explosion of seventeen and eighteen-year-olds tossing confetti and sweets as they did the Harlem Shake across the stage.

Morning classes were continuously interrupted by masked SFC2s armed with a never-ending supply of streamers, balloons, and a determination to cause a nuisance. From creating noise pollution whilst shouting hymns outside in the Quad, to taking over the register in a Geography class, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking that lessons had suddenly become a lot more interesting.

“I was sprayed with water in a Chemistry class, and then given a cookie to make me feel better,” said a One, smiling. “I won’t forget that experience!”

It’s undeniable that any stray visitors or parents entering the school would have been struck by a rather different view of The Cheltenham Ladies’ College than perhaps they had been originally expecting: common room furniture left in the middle of the Quad; glasses of water lined up along the marble corridor; doors taped shut and comic photos of the SFC2s pinned up on the windows.

Throughout break time, the combination of a massive water balloon fight and sixth formers occupying the staff room made it impossible to do anything other than grab a YumYum and sit back to enjoy the show.

If the Leavers hadn’t already made it quite obvious, they asserted who was really in charge of CLC for the day by sticking ‘No Access’ tape across the steps of the Main Entrance and proudly waving CLC Leavers 2013 flags at anyone who happened to be passing by at the time.

Having had everything from chickens in the past to confetti this year, I can only wonder at what the Leavers will come up with next year.

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