iDon’t Choose iTunes


As seen in Pegasus Pages (March 2013).

By Rebecca MacKay

If you were to purchase a DVD in today’s society, I guarantee at least one person would ask, ‘Why?’ Think about when you last bought a movie. And I mean a physical movie, one that you can hold and cuddle and place in the DVD player of your TV. You can’t remember, can you?

Most of us probably don’t even remember what a VHS is (for those who really are clueless, it’s essentially a video) because the last time we saw one of those was when we still thought ‘The Mystery Machine’ was the coolest thing on the planet. And after the VHS was consigned to the automatic bin, DVDs came along for about a month and then someone thought of downloading things directly off the internet and we forgot about the shiny disk. Of course, at the same time, some clever man came up with Blu-Ray, apparently the ‘best type of DVD out there’. Unfortunately for him, we’d already forgotten about DVDs.

It is truly amazing how fast we’ve advanced but slightly disheartening to know that every time I walk into a shop that sells DVDs I’m going to get a weird look from the man behind the counter who is inevitably thinking ‘Why don’t you download it online?’

And then there’s iTunes. A wonderful place of music and books (Anyone recall hardback novels? No, didn’t think so.) and instantly downloadable movies. They say ‘instantly’ but we all have to pay £7.99 for a download that takes four hours which will end with an error message reading, ‘I’m sorry. You don’t have enough memory space and you just wasted four hours of your life.’ It probably would’ve been quicker to drive to the nearest Blockbuster and rent the damn thing because really, you’re only going to watch it once anyway.

So why do we like expensive, downloadable things when all they cause is annoyance? I honestly don’t know. Probably marketing. Or brainwashing. Or the sexual appeal of Steve Jobs’ roll-neck jumper.

Photography: by Justin Snow on Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0).

2 Responses to iDon’t Choose iTunes

  1. Dina says:

    I think that having actual handheld discs are better too…anything can go wrong with itunes. Besides, the atmosphere is way better when you can settle down with a DVD on the sofa in front of the TV.

  2. Jenny says:

    When you put a DVD in the slot (or a VHS, vinyl, or CD) you feel like you’ve earned it. You enjoy the satisfaction of sitting 2 meters away from the TV and saying ‘I bought that. Physically.’ We are slowly losing our love of handling things for something more efficient. Because apparently we don’t like to make time for that kind of stuff anymore.

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