Could Anyone Who Actually Saw Cumberbatch Please Step Forward?

06/07/2011 20:16

By Rebecca MacKay

The Wait. We have waited for so very long, yet we remain faithful until the end.

For those of you who know what I’m referring to, we are at an exciting point in time. To those who don’t, this probably sounds like the introduction to an epic fable of immense happiness, tragic love, and unending despair – which in some ways, it is.

Now you’re all wondering what this is all about, aren’t you?


Please, feel free to jump in your seats and make high-pitched noises as you read the very word that makes you twitch with excitement; no one will judge you, we’re all going through the same trauma.

Sherlock has become somewhat of a BBC legend, slotting nicely into place with the other BBC triumphs (Doctor Who, Merlin, Life on Mars – and if you haven’t watched these, get on the case) as it conquers British viewers and even spawns a slightly worse American remake. If you haven’t watched Sherlock, I strongly advise you to do so immediately because I can guarantee the debatably platonic relationship between Sherlock and Watson will have you laughing, wailing, crying, shouting at the TV screen and smirking among other things.

And whom do we have to thank for all this?

Steven Moffat of course. (With some help from Arthur Conan Doyle)

And if you don’t know who MOFFAT is, Wikipedia him. Shame on you.

So. What was the point of this little introduction? What has provoked this slightly biased review of Sherlock?

I’m just going to say it, no allusions, and no riddles because frankly, it’s too exciting to keep to myself:



This, my friends, should be to you THE MOST exciting news of your year. Sherlock was here, on home turf, filming the legendary beauty and splendor of my close friend Benedict Cumberbatch.

He probably shopped where you did.

He may have stood where you have stood.

He may have even walked down the same street as you.

You have my permission to freak out.

The last time Cumberbatch graced our presence was at the Cheltenham Literature Festival; his popularity became apparent when a few us started selling our clothes to get tickets. I believe at one point, he was even in the PAC…

Yeah, I know.

Clearly, Mr Cumberbatch has an attachment to Cheltenham.

But that’s not the only good news this announcement brings. Oh no, this is a two for one offer. This news also means that Sherlock has officially started filming once more.


The Long Wait is over.

Steven Moffat left us on a cliffhanger (I’m not going to tell you what it is in case you haven’t seen it but trust me, it’s epic.) He left us on the biggest cliffhanger in the history of cliffhangers.

But that, in itself, was forgivable; good TV, we get it.

No, there are much darker demons at work here.

Steven Moffat did the unthinkable.


Granted, it wasn’t his fault; it was the actors and their filming schedules but if I’m perfectly honest, I don’t care because putting filming on hold was like holding a Jammie Dodger up to our faces, telling us we can have the packet after revision, and then hiding the packet in a dark wood full of wolves.

It’s that bad.

Thus, the news of filming in Cheltenham was joyous to all Sherlock fans, especially those of us who reside close enough to Cheltenham to subtly suggest to our families that Tuesday 2nd of April was a fabulous day to go into Cheltenham with our 17 cameras.

Well, so we thought.

Actually, so far, I’ve met no one who actually SAW the filming take place.




So the question remains: where were they filming? Cheltenham is only so big; theoretically speaking, if you scoured the entirety of Cheltenham you would eventually come across filming.

But no success.

Was it all a lie? Was another teaser? I don’t know. Maybe they’re really good at hiding from teenage girls. Who knows? But one thing’s for certain, the wait is almost over my friends. And while you didn’t meet Benedict Cumberbatch, at least you can spend some alone time with him on Saturday evenings in the coming year.

N.B: If any member of college (pupils or staff) did in fact encounter Benedict and crew (I’m one person, I couldn’t go round all of you), then please do email/send/show Pegasus pages the fruits of your hunt. We’re obsessed with him too.

Photography: Sherlock being filmed in Cardiff alun.vega on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

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