Reichenbach Theories


By Sasha Gill

We all watched helplessly as Sherlock Holmes plummeted to his death from the top of St. Bart’s in The Reichenbach Fall. Some of us clutched frantically at the screen, some of us vowed loudly that we would never get so emotionally attached to a fictional character ever again, and some of us simply tweeted  (welcome to the 20th century). How could Sherlock Holmes, owner of glorious cheekbones, be dead? Tears were shed and death notes to Steven Moffat were drafted.

But fortunately, Sherlock and his enviable bone structure have survived! You may resume rapid popcorn consumption in peace.

What peace, you ask? How will I rest not knowing how Sherlock escaped his apparent suicide? That is the question on everyone’s lips.  Alas, with the filming of Season 3 only recently kicking off, we will probably be trapped in Sherlock-limbo until next year.

Nine months is a long time, especially when you have prep to do, exams to revise for and weekends to slack off in. Your mind will be needed for other things! How could you possibly cope with worrying about how Sherlock survived the plunge?

Try as we might, the creators are not letting this one slip. Their lips are Sher-locked. In an attempt to put our poor brains out of their misery, I have compiled a list of the five best theories on how our favourite detective fooled us all.

1.     Molly the Miracle Maker

Conveniently, Molly was not one of the three people Moriarty had his assassins after. This means she was free to run about and use the many corpses she had at her disposal. She could have easily faked an autopsy or a death certificate to help Sherlock after he came to her for help. Plus, she loved him to death (don’t we all?), and would have done anything for him.

2.     The Helpful Homeless Network

It’s no secret that Sherlock relied on his creatively nicknamed ‘homeless network’ as his eyes and ears around the city. Would he have gone a step further and asked his people to help him fake his own death? Perhaps the body that fell from the rooftop wasn’t Sherlock at all, and the homeless network helped him sneak his way onto the pavement, squirting ketchup on his face. Remember, there was a huge crowd around Sherlock’s body so John couldn’t properly get to him. The biker that ran into John may be in on it too, buying Sherlock some time before John reached the pavement.

3.     Double Trouble

When the kidnapped little girl lost her marbles and screamed the minute Sherlock entered the interrogation room, we knew something was up. Was it possible that Moriarty had created a Sherlock look-alike to threaten her? Maybe it was a mask that Moriarty wore himself. Could Sherlock have pushed his doppelganger over the ledge? Or maybe it was Moriarty’s masked body. (On a side note, how sad are we that Moriarty is dead? Miserable!)

4.     The Baskerville Drug

The drug from the Hounds of Baskerville causes the victim to hallucinate whatever he believes to be true. If John had somehow been duped into taking the drug, he could have entirely imagined Sherlock leaping off St. Bart’s. Sherlock had called John and given him the idea that he was willingly and truly plummeting to his death. Could everything after that have been a figment of John’s imagination?

5.     Not-so-random Rubbish Truck

We all caught a birds-eye glimpse of the pavement when Sherlock peered over the edge. Hands up if you noticed a rubbish truck and a vague rectangular outline on the pavement. While talking to John, Sherlock tells him several times to ‘stay exactly where you are’. This would mean that the rubbish truck would have obstructed John’s view from the pavement. Could a mattress have been moved into the outline before Sherlock jumped? After Sherlock had taken his leap off the rooftop, the truck drove off. Suspicious behaviour if you had just witnessed a suicide, if you ask me.

Bonus theory: Sherlock is actually dead. We will need to call in Jennifer Love Hewitt from Ghost Whisperer to bridge the gap between the two worlds to allow Sherlock to continue solving crime. A ghost detective show; that’s a gap in the market right there.

It is what it is, though. Speculation. And if there is one thing Sherlock is famous for, it is unexpected plot twists. It is entirely possible that the actual reason behind this faked death has not even crossed our traumatised, tortured minds yet. If this is the case, and Sherlock had survived using methods we could have never even dreamed about, could they bring back Moriarty? Pretty please?

Photography: Sean Marshall on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0).

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