Cryptic Crossword

As seen in Pegasus Pages (June 2013).

By Mr Todd

This contains anagrams, hidden letters, double definitions, inversions, and other sorts of cryptic clues. There will be a chocolate prize for the most correct answers. Email submissions to: by 09.09.13.

Cryptic crossword


1. Cold bare mirror breaks on our chequered floor (6, 8)

6. With massive teeth, bear consumes Welsh flower (6)

7. Was both perfumed and irate (8)

11. Old girl was lost in edit, happily (5)

13. Mum’s brother’s in unclean shirt (5)

15. Valley goes in front of 3 down’s house (4)

16. Senior girl in top refectory (7)

18. Egret in mixed up number (7)

19. Trial cricket match (4)

21. Yearly losing a way to invalidate (5)

22. Q&A in messy bus for baby pigeon (5)

23. It’s unnecessary to annoy Nazi protection squad (8)

25. Picture taker arrived at the Royal Academy (6)

27. Queen’s residence could become boarding home (9, 5)



1. Manipulater of 18s, Davies for example (13)

2. Art critic trashes ski run (6)

3. Thin fish gets upended for US General (3)

4. Sprinted for office? (3)

5. Viewer of the Sunday paper (8)

8. It’s break time. Seen elves breaking? (8)

9. Elaborate hoe put untidly at end of shed for principal educator (8, 5)

10. Little stairs give exercise for Easter rabbit (5, 3)

12. Hillary, go about Arthur’s quest! (4, 5)

14. See Rome and Paris from the top of pillars (8)

17. Stalk prison to find tissue re-generator (4-4)

20. Desk in French office (6)

24. Underwater vessel is half way to a sandwich shop. (3)

26. Burnt cinder tree. (3)



All red clues are anagrams

Green have letters hidden, but consecutively 

Simple double definition. Both mean the same

Add letters, take them out or invert them, but spot the right word and it’s easy

Purple – the answer is built up from various parts. E.g. Reserve crate for library furniture (8) – Reserve is book; crate is case so the whole answer is bookcase.

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