TOP SHELF: Shree Ganguly


As seen in Pegasus Pages (June 2013).

For this issue, Pegasus Pages’ Sosa Omorogbe talked to Shree about her beauty routine.

“I actually wear a lot less makeup now than I used to. For me, it’s kind of like washing your face in the morning. I wear makeup more for myself than anybody else. Like when I put it on to go out, I feel ready. I guess it’s the same sort of mentality that prevents people from going out in their pyjamas. Obviously, I have hung around without makeup. It’s not like a dependency [Laughs]. It just makes me feel better – like the feeling people get on a good hair day or when you have really good skin.


I’m a bit of a product junkie… [Laughs]. I mean, my skin has this strange yellow undertone that makes it quite difficult for me to find foundation. But I think Chanel and Dior have come out with a bit more diversity in their shades, which is great. Right now, I love the Diorskin Forever foundation. I use that as a base and mix it with some Elemental moisturiser and sunscreen. My makeup staple is definitely a good base. However, when I’m feeling really lazy I just use the Bobbi Brown foundation stick on my dark spots and blend it out with a beauty blender, so it looks like a full base.


Brows. I really should get them threaded more often, but I tend to just get them threaded a couple of times per year, then tweeze them every other day in order to maintain the shape. I also think the new trend for eyebrows to be really thick and bold can be a bit overdone, so I tend to just use a matte eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown and an eyebrow brush instead of a pencil. I think this creates a softer effect – it doesn’t look so heavily drawn on.


If I had to give a skincare tip, it would definitely be to wear sunscreen. Please wear it. It has both mositurising and protective elements – especially the Cane + Austin one I use. Even during winter, I wear sunscreen because I think it’s really important to be able to protect your skin at all times. I didn’t have great skin when I was younger, so I’m quite religious with my skincare. I think a lot of people (especially teenagers) are concerned with the fact that because sunscreen has oil in it, this will cause breakouts. I picked this one from Cane + Austin because it never causes breakouts or anything. It’s also quite runny so it blends really well.

I use one Cane + Austin face pad every day – it’s so good. I think if you really have problems with breakouts, you can use two but one is fine for me. Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish is my normal cleanser, which I use along with either an Aloe Vera scrub, or Clinique’s microbead scrub. I also love this Aloe Vera cream. It’s great for people with oily/combination skin.


I scar quite easily so I bought this laser from Space NK because of that. You just put the gel/cream on, turn the later to preferably setting 2 or 3, and run it over your skin. It’s quick and easy. It stings when you’re done… It feels like sunburn [Laughs]. Voluntary sunburn! After a couple of days, you get really fresh, soft skin. It’s generally not meant for people my age, but my dermatologist recommended it. It’s been great for me personally.

For my hair, I use Moroccan oil. It has such a strong smell, but I really love it. I also try to use hair masks – especially homemade ones. I try to use them to get more  shine out of my hair as well as reduce the dryness. I started dying my hair when I was 15/16. But it was so dark that no dye stays put. I don’t dye it often- maybe two times a year. So it doesn’t look like a full dye-job (which it is), but kind of like highlights.”


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