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Sasha Gill tells us about her latest photography project on Instagram.

I always imagined myself as a cactus. Prickly and awkward and always very thirsty. In Australian slang, cactus means ‘spaced out’, which seems oddly fitting. Cacti (note my proper use of grammar) are my favourite flower. Yes, cacti do flower.

You never really think about it, but people are like flowers. Flowers are like friends. You can pick them and keep them and grow them. You can show them off when you’re proud of them or ignore them when you’re mad. And like all flowers, they smell better when they are alive.

I grew to have an obsession with flowers. I pressed them and framed them and took many, many photos of them. Half a hard-drive worth of flower pictures. The other half was, of course, filled with pictures of people. Out of sheer desperation, and in an effort to avoid buying a second hard-drive, I accidentally overlaid the two.

And thus project Flower Child was born.

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There is something very haunting about portraiture. There is something very lovely about flowers. Together, I find that they become something so much more.

This aim of my project is simple: to take a picture of my friends, and match their personalities with a flower. Do not laugh! Throw in a little bit of fine-tuning here and there, several bouts of frustrated foot stomping and you have yourself a flower child.

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The project is still in its early, early days. No two pictures are alike. I’ve always wondered what I would look like as a cactus, and I can now find out. What would you look like as a Petunia? Or a fig tree?

Pose for a picture; embrace your inner flower child.

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Sasha has over 2000 followers on Instagram. Follow her on @thesashadiaries.


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