Is This the Future of the Magazine?

By Naomi Morris Omori

 “You picked the place. You chose the look. Her life changed every 90 minutes.”

Warehouse’s recently a ‘Style Me if You Can’ feature on their website called for customers to send in their ‘looks’. These looks would be comprised of their favourite Warehouse items and the participants were meant to give ideal locations for their looks to be worn in. These situations were then compiled and dramatised like in the video below.

It’s snappy; it’s light; it’s a glamorous girl living the London life that we would all love to lead.

Whilst the world of media exploits technology more and more, is this the replacement for coffee table glossies? Will videos like these be available on iPads sitting on your hairdresser’s angular glass coffee table, waiting for you to merely press a button instead of having to physically flick pages? (Paper cuts are an abhorrent fear.)

The series was certainly entertaining to watch. Did it make me want to wear a lilac pyjama set under a leather jacket? Not really. The model/actress can pull it off. For myself, I’m not so sure. Sidenote: if it’s any consolation, remember that her looking effortlessly stylish has burnt £218 into her chain-detail clutch (and that was just worn for one 90 minute segment of her day).

Let’s just hope that we don’t encounter interviews which are as odd as these:

But definitely do go to more parks like these:

What’s your favourite look? Do you like this creative use of multimedia? Or are you a faithful fan of good ol’ magazines? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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