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 ‘If you want to appreciate the beauty of a CLC daisy, you’ve got to examine its roots.’ Freya Granger tells us about the new project with which you can get involved to celebrate the cultural diversity represented at CLC.

As seen in the Gloucestershire Echo (29th January, 2014).

If ever asked to describe the CLC community in one, all-encompassing word, I don’t think I would hesitate. ‘Eclectic’ would be my reply, and for good reason. The school term here at CLC represents a union of different cultures and backgrounds from around the world. In a school with so rich a mix of nationalities, have you ever been curious about where your hockey teammate, chem partner, or housemistress comes from? In the chaos and activity that is CLC life, we often forget to appreciate these details – the details that the Our Stories Project aims to bring to light.

As part of the project, each one of you will be given a blank postcard later today, and asked to anonymously fill it with what is meaningful to you. Whether that is your interests, your background or your favorite song, we want that postcard to be artfully and colorfully packed with what defines you. Once complete, all of your postcards will be collected, scanned and printed off onto a long tapestry, which will stretch the length of the GCR and represent a snapshot of what CLC represents in its 160th year.

We want to know about your past and your aspirations, as all will contribute to our understanding of what CLC stands for as a community. So please, get going! Fill in those cards! And urge your friends to do so too because we all know that if you want to appreciate the beauty of a CLC daisy, you’ve got to examine its roots.

Image: Daniel Godin on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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