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We’ve seen their hilarious adverts and we’ve passed their stalls. Islah Wallace got to the nitty gritty with the Managing Directors of CLC’s YE companies.

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, December 2013.)


Pegasus: So, tell us about your company.

Established in September 2013, our company, UniCo. (‘unique’ in Italian), is a multinational company formed by a group of girls desiring to celebrate and acknowledge diversity by introducing products from different areas of the world.

vintage books UniCo

So, why ‘UniCo’?

‘Uni’, originated from the Latin unus means one, and indeed, we are the only one of our kind. From one small classroom at the heart of CLC and using endless amounts of creativity and innovation, UniCo has developed  products which will leave a memorable and positive impression to anyone who comes across them.

Who are the members of your company?

UniCo. is made up of 12 girls from SFC1. We have a range of roles. Our Managing Director is ‘Tofe Ayeni and our Deputy Managing Director is Hilary Fung.

We try to strive to work together as one to achieve our goals through teamwork and dedication.


What would you say are your aims as a company?

We aim to produce unique and innovative products that will appeal universally, but also especially to our target market. By undertaking market research and development, our goal is to make sure that our products are of only  the highest quality, and are suitable for a varied market.

Can you give us a bit of insight into the products you will soon be selling?

The first products that we will be selling are the  Vintage Book Storages. These are essentially  classic books with cutout storage spaces of different sizes – all hand-made by our company members. They can be used to put multiple different things ranging from iPods and phones, to keys and jewellery. We are currently working on our second product, so look out for more products coming soon!

Where can Pegasus Pages readers get more information about you?

Our official email address is: unico.youngenterprise{at} We also have Twitter (@UniCoYE), Instagram (@unico_ye), Facebook, as well as YouTube accounts (UniCo. YE). Details for our website will be out soon; remember to check for regular updates!


Pegasus: Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m Radha, and I’m Managing Director of Native. My role is primarily to be in charge of the company, to be the spokesperson, and make sure that every unit is going according to plan.

In our team, there are 12 girls in SFC1 and we work together to design, produce, advertise and sell an innovative product from scratch. We have various sub-teams in charge of different aspects of the company, e.g. finance, marketing, operations etc., which are all integral to the final product.


Why are you called ‘Native’?

There are two main ways in which the name Native links to our company. Firstly, all of the materials we have used in our scrunchies are actually sourced from local charity shops, which allows us to support the local community in our production of the scrunchies, as well as producing something that can be recycled, that can be reused, so in this way, we are being environmentally friendly.

But, we are also Native in the fact that we are taking basic items, such as sweaters and scrunchies, which are your staple items and in a sense, your ‘native roots’, and transforming them into the way we look at them.


What would you say your aims are as a company?

We want to do as well as we can, but this, to us, doesn’t just mean maximizing our profit. This means producing a company that benefits the local community and produces good quality products.

The Intersoc event on the 16th November was a great success for our company. People came up to me saying, “It’s been 110% success, you did so well”. We sold out within about 30 minutes, raising about £200, and that was just one of our events. Scrunchies are our preliminary product and are just meant to raise funds for our main product, and so to have that much success already is really encouraging. Hopefully we will be bringing out more ranges of scrunchies in the lead up to Christmas, so keep your eyes open!


So you’ve hinted towards your other product you intend to bring out, can you give us a bit of insight?

The next product, continuing with our fashion range, is sweaters that have a holographic print across the front. So it’s just not just one image in the middle; the sweater itself is the image. It sounds quite weird, but when you see pictures of them they look really cool. I’ve shown it to all of my friends and they’ve immediately said, “Where can I get one? These look awesome.”

At the moment, these haven’t actually been produced.

What price range are you looking at for your jumpers?

We haven’t quite decided yet, but we are looking at between £15 and £25

So as a final question, where can Pegasus Pages readers find out more about your company?

We’ve got a Facebook page; please follow us on Native! We’re already doing really well, we’ve got around 150 likes, I think. We’re starting an Instagram and a website which we’re launching soon. We’ll also be coming around the houses selling.

If you have any other questions in the meantime, feel free to email us.

You heard it here first, CLC. Young Enterprise will be back soon with bigger and better products especially for you! All the best of luck to both of the teams.

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