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By Tofe’ Ayeni

Last term, I took part in The Cheltenham Ladies’ College’s production of Metamorphosis, and I must say that I felt like quite a celebrity for a while, albeit having had a relatively small part.


Although it felt really good to be part of the play by the end, and I got compliments showered upon me as well as a postcard from Ms Jardine-Young (our Principal), auditioning for this play was not easy for me to do. I am not what one would describe as a ‘natural actress’. I am one of those who can learn scripts with ease and is able to do well in LAMDA drama examinations simply because I only have to perform in front of just my partner and the examiner. I am not, however, someone whose heart is filled with joy at the prospect of getting on a stage and speaking in front of a crowd of people, let alone at the idea of acting in front of a crowd of people.


Then how did you end up as part of the cast of Metamorphosis, you ask. Well, it is all about increasing one’s confidence. I have indeed achieved my aim, as last week my housemistress approached me to read in church because she ‘knows how confident I am’. Metamorphosis is essentially about a young man called Gregor who mysteriously turns into a beetle. The play explores how different people, with particular focus on his family, react to this situation. Our production was extremely technical, which made it all the more interesting. The lights and sound effects were like nothing I have experienced before. As well as the technicality making it unique, the acting was also very unusual. As you have probably realised from the storyline, this play is anything but normal, and so as actors we had to portray this abnormality using mostly our voices as we didn’t use many props at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the cast of Metamorphosis, and am overjoyed that it was a success. I would urge everyone to come and see plays put on by CLC because, if I do say so myself, they are great fun!

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