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By Alice Chambers

It is undeniably true that the environment is a difficult topic to investigate. Whether you live in the rural countryside or the bustling town, the seriousness of the issue is slowly amplifying. Yes, it is easy to neglect these problems by sweeping them under the carpet as another crisis that the government must deal with that could not possibly concern the individual. Who wants to listen to another teacher or politician bore on about the inevitable future that our world must confront?  We have all had enough. It is starting to become tedious. However comforting it would be to ignore our deteriorating world, sadly it is impossible now to close our eyes.

Our job as the environmental society is to open them and to keep them open. The way that people look at the environment needs to be shaken up, given a new stance and ultimately we need someone to shine light on these problems from a fresh, innovative angle. If we do not, the issues will just be another textbook page that we must regurgitate for another exam. The crux of the problem is that we simply lacking an emotional connection. Frankly, the time has come to do something about it.

The environmental society is taking a new direction this year, rooted in the desire for environmental issues to become more high-profile within College.  We have been supporting our own local charity, the Gloucester Wildlife Trust, by raising money and helping with the ‘Love Your River Chelt’ project. As our charity day is coming up next term, the team, which combines girls from all ages in college, have been brainstorming ideas in order to promote the environment. The photography competition in collaboration with the Keighley competition has proved to be particularly popular.

In addition to this we have been working with Balcarras, so that the schools can have a close network in sharing ideas and understanding how different schools tackle problems.  The new boarding house, Dunalley, is a project that the environmental society has taken full interest in, focusing in on particular ways in which energy loss can be reduced and the overall efficiency of the building, including insulation in the walls, boilers and windows. The idea of solar panels was raised, but unfortunately the English weather does not permit their installation!

We have also tried to reach out to all years in College with projects such as the energy audit in order to encourage girls to reduce energy waste. Having showers instead of baths, turning off lights and shutting windows are just some of the ways in which this can be achieved. This has all been masterminded towards our final goal of achieving the green flag, a prestigious award for schools that do everything in their power to promote saving the environment.

Without a doubt, the phrase ‘turn off the lights’ may have become too familiar to your ears, but it is time to listen. Over the February half-term with the news of floods throughout the UK, the problems have finally reached home and it from our homes that we must begin to fight the difficulties that our world faces. So next time you open that page of your biology textbook, we expect tears to come to your eyes when you ponder upon the melting icecaps and your heart to race with anger when you question the moral responsibility of millions of people throughout the world.

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