Breaking Boundaries

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2014)

In Pegasus Pages’ first poetry instalment, ‘Tofe Ayeni takes us on a emotional journey through the guilt and helplessness of “a third world girl living a first world life”. Highlighting the problems of her people, she seeks a way to alleviate their suffering.


I feel helpless,

I feel useless,

I feel like I cannot change the world,

Mine being the third.

I am a third world citizen,

But for the most part I live in Britain,

And for greatness in this first world I strive,

A third world girl living a first world life.


I should not be here,

I must be over there,

I was not born to have life so easy,

I was not born to watch people succumb to fear.


They fear politicians,

They fear assassinations,

We fear death,

So they survive by constantly holding their breath.


I refuse to be bound by fear,

I refuse to feel helpless,

I will break through the bars of corruption,

I will not fear death.

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