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Pegasus PagesSosa Omorogbe talks to Sasha Gill about her organic make-up and beauty habits. Sasha has over 1300 followers (when we first published this in Pegasus Pages’ March issue, she had 4000!!) on Instagram and has even appeared on the very well-known media site Buzzfeed. Check her out: @thesashadiaries. 


“I try and go for organic as far as possible, because I think it’s more environmentally friendly. Recently, I’ve been really into environmental things, because I was trying to decide on New Year’s resolutions and I decided that I needed to care more about the environment. I’ve been leaning more towards cruelty-free products, so things that weren’t animal tested. It might sound quite difficult to do at first because I was quite put off by it since I had to give up all my favourite products. But it’s actually surprising the number of cruelty-free things there are. Recently in the EU, there was a law that said you can’t test any products on animals here, so a lot of local companies exclusively don’t test on animals. But of course if it’s a big company then obviously, in China, they will have to test on animals. So a lot of products that I’ve already been using are actually quite environmentally friendly.


Like Urban Decay! They’re completely cruelty-free and I was quite shocked to find that out. And NARS as well – I wasn’t using NARS but I’m going to try and swap from MAC to NARS now because MAC is not cruelty-free. And LUSH obviously, and Body Shop. But Body Shop is actually owned by L’Oreal I think, and L’Oreal isn’t cruelty-free. But I think Body Shop remains exclusively cruelty-free. So a lot of people, like vegans, they say: “Oh no they’re owned by L’Oreal, I’m not going to buy them anymore” but I think from an economic point of view, what you pay for is what they’re going to focus on. So if you pay more for the cruelty-free stuff, they will focus more on that. It’s more about personal opinion though.

Well a lot of these [products] are Body Shop, because I’m a Body Shop girl. So, I always use this whenever I go out, because I have quite oily skin, so I really need a powder and I really like this one. It’s not shimmery or anything and it’s quite light but I don’t know the colour of it. And oh my God. Okay. This is really good. This one I think my aunt got for me from America, but it’s a tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees. And it’s actually like lipstick, but it’s also quite moisturising. It’s quite shimmery, and it’s peppermint as well. It’s really nice. You can’t get it in England but I think you can probably order it off Amazon…


I also have this “pore cream” by The Face Shop. It’s this Korean brand. It’s kind of like a pore strip so it’s really sticky, but it’s only for your nose. You let it dry and you peel it off, and you can see all the blackheads. It’s really good. It’s shocking. I play with it sometimes in my free time; I just put it on different parts of my face. I wash my face, put it on, and then wait. It must be quite thick otherwise it kind of breaks when you try and peel it off. It’s really fun – my mum got it for me. I think because my sister had one and I was really jealous of it, so [my mum] got it for me before I left. Okay. What else do I have? I have my NAKED palette of course.

I love coconut oil. Have you actually tried this thing that I do every morning? It’s called oil pulling. You put coconut oil in your mouth, and you kind of swish it in your mouth for about 10 minutes and then you just spit it out. You can’t spit it out in the sink because it clogs it up since it solidifies. But you spit it out and it’s supposed to remove all the toxins and bacteria from your mouth. So you do it before you brush your teeth. It’s really really good. A lot of people do it… I think Claudia [Haavik] does it as well? Because I was talking to her about it and you just like swish it about your mouth and it’s suppose to whiten your teeth and stuff like that. So I just had a little coconut oil, so I was like: “Why not try it? It’s quite fun.”


Okay, let’s see what else I have. I have this – which is my fake NAKED palette. It’s really good. I think I got it off Lulu’s, this American website. It’s cruelty-free! It’s not as good as the NAKED palette because it’s not as pigmented. For the NAKED palette, you only need very little but I think that it’s quite good because it’s really small and portable so it’s perfect for trips to London or stuff like that. So I usually bring this. Also, I have my hair mask that I do. I don’t even know what it is; I think it’s a French brand? It’s European or something like that. It’s from AETO Botanica. and it smells really good, I think it’s like olive-y if I’m not wrong? I don’t know what smell this is… Bamboo? It’s really good. I mix in some coconut oil so the mask is extremely moisturising. Then I put it in my hair and like I walk around the house in it and people are like: “Your hair is really greasy today.” I’m like: “No, I have a hair mask in.” They don’t understand!

And then I have my signature fragrance, because I don’t use Daisy or stuff like that. I mean I really like it, but I think Body Shop has the best smells. So this is my Moroccan Rose. I’ve been using it for two years now? So it’s my fav.


Oh! This is the best primer ever. Literally. Nobody knows about it. I found out about it on Amazon I think, and it’s literally when you put it on your face, it feels like satin. And then your makeup stays on for ages. You only need a tiny teeny bit, and it’s so cheap as well. It’s not ridiculously expensive. It’s called Prime Magic, and it’s by Warpaint Cosmetics in England.

Yes, I also use therapy oil. For stretch marks! I’m really paranoid about my scars. So I know you’re supposed to use cocoa butter but I’ve decided that I wanted something like oily instead, because it’s easier to apply. This is really good. It smells quite like… It has a cocoa-y smell, by Palmer’s? I think everyone uses Palmer’s for cocoa butter. [ED note: Tesco’s Cocoa Butter body lotion is just £1.00 and feels (and smells) pretty incredible!]


I bought this vintage hairbrush off eBay because I live by eBay – I love eBay. But obviously I had to boil it before I used it because I was so scared. But I love it because the bristles are really thick, and I have really thick, easily-tangled hair so it really gets through it really well. It’s so pretty as well! And it comes with a matching comb-thing for your clothes. Obviously you don’t need it nowadays but it’s just pretty.


I got into photography about three years ago. It wasn’t always about food photography; I used to like a lot of landscapes. But I think it changes according to my mood. It used to be landscapes, and then it turned to food and now it’s more like portraiture. I really want to get into portraiture. I have two film cameras. This is my official fancy one, and this is the one Lomography gave me. I used to work for them, and I write for them occasionally. When the store in Singapore set up for the first time, the guy who was in charge of employment came to me and he said: “Do you mind working for us?” And I was actually looking for a job at that time because I just finished school and I had 8 months free. I’m the same age as everyone; it’s just that school in Singapore ends 9 months earlier, so there was a 9-month gap. So, I think my first Christmas with them, they gave me this, and it’s my favourite camera ever because it’s so beautiful! I do blog, but it’s mostly photography and about 5 words;, it’s my own blog. [Photography] just makes me happy. I like doing it – it’s so fun.


I want to be a doctor, but I just don’t want to focus all my time on Sciences because that’ll be really boring. And I really wanted to do something I really enjoyed as well, and that’s photography. But my dad doesn’t really understand that. But I mean it’s fine as a hobby, and maybe in the future, hopefully, I can do something else with it. But for now I’m just doing it for fun. And I’m obsessed with Instagram, you probably can tell.”

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