TOP SHELF: Sosa Omorogbe

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As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

Our most popular feature returns, Top Shelf, with the final make-up and beauty interview of the year. Pegasus Pages wanted to interview the beautiful lady behind the interviews to depart her wisdom. So here are Sosa Omorogbe’s secrets to looking so glam.

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“I started wearing eyeliner when I was like 9 years old. My mother always had the best eyeliner and I loved it soo much. I thought it made her look like a goddess. That’s probably my first beauty/makeup memory. My makeup routine has thankfully evolved since then, but I still love eyeliner. My staple look is probably a cateye. My eyeliner is definitely the longest part of my whole routine. It takes me about 10 minutes to do. I think the best eyeliner in the world is Urban Decay’s pencil liner in ‘Perversion’. It’s jet black and oil-based so once it sets, it doesn’t budge. It’s perfect. I have eight of them, just in case Urban Decay decides to discontinue it. Aside from that, I just try to make sure my base is good – so concealer, foundation, highlighters, everything is well-blended.

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“My skin is really funny with foundation – I’m still haven’t found my perfect fit because I have really yellow undertones, but I’m still dark. I guess that confuses manufacturers or something because all the foundations I’ve ever used either come up ashy, or super dark on my skin. So I mix a foundation that’s lighter but has perfect undertones with one that’s my exact same colour, but has slightly darker undertones. I like Illamasqua, Armani, and Chanel for foundation. (Sidenote: Illamasqua foundation smells like chocolate). I tend to splurge on foundation simply because they don’t have any attendants that can help me out at Superdrug or Boots or something. Aside from that, I don’t think “good” makeup is about pricing – it’s about application. Practice makes perfect, I think. If I found my perfect foundation match at Poundland, I’d buy it. Then I’d pray to God to protect my skin against what’re sure to be some questionable ingredients.


“I always mix some Clarins Beauty Flash Balm in with my foundation to give it a dewy finish. I looove Clarins Beauty Flash Balm! It just makes your skin glow like you’ve been juicing and doing bikram yoga for 10 years. I’m all about a dewy finish because I think matte skin looks unnatural. The matte look is my nightmare, so after my once-over with MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish, I’m done. I actually don’t ever need to top-up my powder throughout the day. This is probably because of how painfully dry my skin is. I moisturise twice a day without fail with one of two concoctions: 1) Tesco’s Cocoa butter moisturiser mixed with raw, unrefined coconut oil from Whole Foods or 2) raw unrefined shea butter mixed with essential oils. I know it sounds like overkill, but trust me. I have bone-dry, desert skin. If I don’t moisturise, I just end up with scales. It’s so gross.


“My facial skin is slightly better, but not much. Pretty much everything I use has some moisture component. My cleanser at the moment is from Lush – it’s called ‘Let the Good Times Roll’. It’s this really funny solid stuff that smells like cake and popcorn. After that, I follow up with a moisturiser (either coconut oil or Clinique moisture surge, which is the best thing ever), this 500 Naira (£2) pigmentation cream from Nigeria, and sun cream. I never used to wear sun protection but after getting that, I follow up with a moisturiser (either coconut oil or Clinique moisture surge, which is the best thing ever), this 500 Naira (£2) pigmentation cream from Nigeria, and sun cream. I never used to wear sun protection but after getting sunburnt twice (I know; weird), I wear it every day – even in winter! I use one from MyChelle. I got it at Whole Foods. I’m really particular about the stuff I put on my skin. I want everything to be organic and natural. Or at least 90% of it. I love the idea of being able to eat what you put on your skin so I’m currently in the process of revamping all my products.

“Even more important than what you put on your skin is what goes into your body. I exercise quite a bit – 4-5 times a week, combined with protein shakes and juicing. My mother is a distributor for Forever Living, so she put me on their Aloe Vera. It’s honestly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted in my life but it is amazing. It helps with bloating, clear skin, and detoxification so the taste is completely worth it. I also try to stay away from dairy; I’m lactose intolerant but I don’t react that badly so I sometimes get a bit crazy with brownies. You can tell when I’ve been on a dairy binge because it looks like my pores are seeping oil, but my skin feels extra dry. It’s awful.

“I’m trying to transition to veganism right now but my love for seafood is seriously holding me back. I love the idea of being plant based because I just feel like it’s the best thing for my body. I look and feel so much better when I’m on a plant-based diet. To be fair, I don’t eat meat, so I’m already on my way.

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“The most complex part of my beauty routine is definitely my hair. I change my hair every six weeks. I get bored. I had shoulder-length kinky braids last week and now, it’s super long right – down to my waist, with red/purple highlights. I think hair and skin are the most important because if you have nice hair and nice skin, you can get away with a lot. I used to be bald, and you just have to make more of an effort with everything else – my makeup, earrings, everything. My hair products have to change according to whatever hair I have now. With my natural hair, I have all my oils and homemade-protein masks. I swear by coconut oil, of course, my V05 Give Me Moisture Shampoo, Shwarzkopf coconut and shea butter shampoo (from Poundland) and my Pantene conditioner for dry hair. They are all soo good and I can use them for both my weave and my natural hair. I’m currently thinking of what I want to do next. Maybe a long bob…”

Sosa Omorogbe photographed and interviewed in Capri in June 2014

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