Metal for Dummies

Metal for Dummies

By Mrs Dowdall and Jess Blackmore

As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

Here is a quick, 10-step programme to get you listening to the heaviest, most gruesome death metal around! We recommend listening in order if you are new to this world, as by number 10 it is fantastically hardcore.

Note: This list is by no means comprehensive. Entire genres of metal have not been included because we don’t like them as much. e.g. Power metal, Symphonic metal, Black metal, Goregrind or Screamo (no, we didn’t make those up).

(We promise no Royal Parade students were seriously harmed in the making of this list, although one of them did hide in her bedroom and the others are under the kitchen table and appear to be crying…)

Starting at no. 1, representing ‘barely metal’, we’ll guide you through to ear-poppingly hardcore at no. 10.

1) ACDC – Back in Black

Not really metal, but a good starting point from the world of rock. Get your shorts out and air-guitar the night away!

2) Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills

This upbeat tune will get stuck in your head for the rest of the year. Enjoy it.

3) Pantera – Cowboys from Hell

Despite the name, this is another upbeat, cheesy classic. Let your hair down and practise your head-banging!

4) Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls

Continuing our theme of rocking out and air-guitar we have possibly the most famous metal band of all time. They headlined at Glasto, you should know them by now!

5) Children of Bodom – Sixpounder

Children of Bodom are well-known for their excellent covers of pop songs. Umbrella is a particular favourite.

6) Slayer – Angel of Death

Slayer start their 1986 album Reign in Blood with one of the most epic screams in the history of metal. Turn the volume up, shut the doors and let it all out by ‘singing’ along.

7) Arch Enemy – We Will Rise

As if you thought metal was just for boys, we have Angela Gossow ripping it up with her amazing vocals. This is what you can aim for if you practise!

8) Carcass – Heartwork

We’re back in Britain for a song from the ground-breaking 1993 album from Carcass. Here they prove it’s possible to both play your instruments really well, and make a ton of noise at the same time.

9) Decapitated – The Eye of Horus

Ever the over-achievers, the band had an average age of 16 when this song was recorded. They’re a little older now, but still as heavy as ever.

10) Death – Zombie Ritual

One of the pioneers of extreme metal, Death are always around to brighten the mood. This is just the best thing for when you’ve had a bad test result. We’re not saying this is as heavy as it gets, but once you can listen to this without running away in fear, you know you’ve made it. Good luck!

Image: KaMpA on Flickr

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