Theatre Review: ‘Antony & Cleopatra’


As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

Alice Chambers reviews ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ at The Globe (May 2014), starring Phil Daniels as Antony and Eve Best as Cleopatra, directed by Jonathan Munby


On a torrential Saturday, I headed to London’s Globe to watch ‘Antony and Cleopatra’. Accompanied by the whirring of a helicopter and the patter of rain, the play began with hypnotic Egyptian dancing and the roaring of drunken men. Eve Best shone in her role as Cleopatra, while unfortunately the substitute for Phil Daniels did not quite reach the dominance of a Roman leader with a highlighted script in his hand.

However ludicrous this was, the understudy did manage to capture the testy temper of Antony and his passionate love for the Egyptian Queen. Their affection threatens the relationship between the two superpowers, consequently leading to a war, which tests both their power as military commanders and the strength of their love.


Full of rowdy drinking games, exquisite singing and elaborate costumes, this spring’s must-see Shakespeare play is overflowing with colour and life. Unfortunately, owing to the length of the performance and the pain in my feet, I blacked-out in the second half and missed the perhaps vital death of the protagonists. Despite this, I did capture the essence of Shakespeare’s most exotic play in London’s most famous theatre.


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