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Aromatherapy – The Healing Power of Oils

Aromatherapy – argan seeds

By Elizka Watt

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Every time you pass a hairdressers, they market some new thing at you. Sometimes it’s a revolutionary new shampoo that “repairs and renews”, an obligatory jejune catchphrase to match.  Nowadays it seems to be the big boom for oils.  You pass a high street and they are everywhere:  Moroccan oil, Argan oil; every scent under the sun.  But what are really the supposed benefits of these substances?

TOP SHELF: Shakira Sewell

Shakira Sewell speaks to Pegasus Pages on brand loyalty (Pevonia, anyone?), the coolness that is Wah Nails, and why tinted moisturizer is the way forward.

Go Big or Go Home

By Sosa Omorogbe

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

What is Christmas without colours? I posed this question to a member of the fashion team last week, and she paused. Then she stared. Finally came the hesitant reply: “Makeup-wise… nothing.” Call me biased (I remain partial to the shimmery eye), but I genuinely had no choice but to agree. Colours (metallics in particular) embody the general consensus of joy that makes everyone love Christmas. Simply put, they’re a ton of fun to fool around with. This therefore makes them perfect for Pegasus Pages’ Christmas makeup look. Why? Because nothing says “Hello, Merry Christmas. I am here” like big, wild hair and expressive eyes.

MAKEUP: Kony Akinrele


By Sosa Omorogbe

Winter is officially upon us. This means that we get both Winter Wonderland (eek!) and CHRISTMAS. Now, I love Christmas as much as the next person but sometimes, the consequent plummeting temperatures are just not worth it. What is worth it, however, is the make-up! Despite the fact that I abhor the cold, it would be impossible not to brighten up at the thought of the limitless make-up opportunities. Whilst the heat often limits us in summer (I’m talking melting foundation and bleeding lipstick), winter doesn’t do any of that. In fact, your make-up is more likely to stay on, opening up a MAC-filled Pandora’s Box.

Lime Crime Makeup – ‘So Bright, it’s Illegal’

lime crime

Elizka Watt tells us about an innovative brand, ‘Lime Crime Makeup,’ known for its vivid use of colour and glitter, captured in the tagline ‘So bright, it’s Illegal.’ With its founder being a ‘self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen’, the brand certainly has that touch of fantasy.

TOP SHELF: Claudia Haavik


Claudia Haavik opens up to Pegasus Pages in this week’s Top Shelf on the importance of tweezers, her love for Asience and Cetaphil, and why she never wears perfume.

5 DAYS, 5 LOOKS: Sasha Gill

The Fashion & Beauty section is excited to publish the first ever instalment of the ‘5 Days, 5 Looks’ feature. This week, Sasha Gill is giving some insight into her distinctive style of attire, including where she finds the gems of her everyday wardrobe.

Fun Facts with the Victoria’s Secret Angels


Whilst I’m aware that some are under the opinion that the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show has been a bit overexposed, this tidbit was too good not to post! (And I don’t think you can ever have too many angels!) Into The Gloss (ITG), recently did a post on the incredible press pack that was distributed at the show this year. This featured fun facts about all the Angels – including my current model crush, Sharam Diniz! Despite my love for Sharam, the coolest fact came from Toni Garrn, who eats chocolate on the treadmill. I love and envy you, Toni. I really do.

TOP SHELF – Rada Kathuria


In our first ever instalment of our weekly ‘Top Shelf’ feature, Pegasus Pages’ Deputy Editor Sosa Omorogbe met with Rada Kathuria to find out about her beauty essentials.

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