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Alexander Wang for H&M

wang 3

By Annabelle Lucas

 It seems like a century ago when New York designer Alexander Wang announced his collaboration with Swedish retailer H&M. We were kept on the edge of our seats as Wang gave us mysterious Instagram sneak previews, as well sneaky teaser videos. The glorious moment finally came to reality on November 6th, when his collection made its debut in H&M flagship stores across the world. 

The New Age of Sport


By Sophia Greaves

Flicking aimlessly through the headlines of the Guardian, the Telegraph, the BBC and the Times, I couldn’t help but notice how our focus on international sport has shifted towards sports technology and away from the individual players themselves. Instead of being bombarded with the long winded ‘Rory Lamont scored two of Scotland’s eight tries as they overcame a plucky Portugal in their opening World Cup match in St Etienne’ (deep breath) or a concise ‘All Blacks defeat Argentina to take the title’ and ‘Federer vs Murray- History up for grabs’ what I received was; ‘Modern demands modern techniques’ and ‘A guide to what Wimbledon big data is all about.’ Is it justifiable for reporting on sport to simply slip away from the games and the stars themselves?  

5 ‘Experience’ Hotels for the Vacation Season

underwater hotel

Amelia Rupp and Felicia Xu

In anticipation of the holiday season, we have collaborated to create a top 5 list of the hotels we think are the most extreme or quirky. Our aim was to find five hotels in the most unusual locations, whether that was in the desert, up a tree, frozen by ice, or in the humid heat of the jungle. Our fifth category was a ‘wildcard’; a hotel that defied all rules of normalcy and was the epitome of eccentricity.

Next time you or your parents say: “It’s time we had a break”, don’t go straight for the expensive, glamorous, celebrity-endorsed hotels. Try somewhere different, a little bit….unconventional.

The Response to HeForShe


By Isabella Crane 


It has been about a week since Emma Watson gave her widely acclaimed speech in support of the campaign “HeforShe”, a ‘solidarity movement’ of the United Nations that promotes worldwide rights for women. Since then, Emma has received a wave of online response articles, many impassioned letters, multiple death warnings and threats to her privacy. All of which, you might argue, could not have been totally unanticipated by any movie-star turned social campaigner. However, what I find incredibly frustrating is that even many of the articles supporting Emma retain a condescending attitude and uphold a tendency to focus on the irrelevant details of her speech, such as her clothing. Given that these are all responses to a speech about gender equality, the irony would be laughable if the situation weren’t quite so serious.

Best of London Fashion Week

Anna Wintour at Fashion Week

By Lara Hillcoat 

Womenswear SS15: What’s Hot
The fashion weeks are upon us. The after parties are in full swing, the photographers armed with their cameras, the makeup artists with their many tools and the fashion army, well, on fire. The season started with a bang in New York City from September the 4th, and since, Instagram has blown up with photos and videos from the likes of London (#LFW), Milan (#MFW), and, of course, the one and only #Paris. Here’s a look at just some of the key trends that have occurred throughout the season.

Summer Crossword 2014



By Mr Todd

As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

Clues in italics are College-related. Chocolate prize for the most correct answers. Email submissions to:

Summer Crossword Answers

By Mr Todd

Answers to crossword which appeared in Pegasus Pages, Summer 2014.

Principal Leads Fashion Trend


By I’ll Have Fries with that Satire

As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

One would have had to have been in a cave for the past year to have failed to notice that the latest fashion trend to grace the Marble Corridor is the velvet scrunchie.

Pegasus Pages has received a tip-off that the source of this latest craze is CLC’s own Principal. Never seen without her hair in an immaculately neat bun, the Principal’s hair scrunchies which tie up this sparkly little up-do are currently ‘so hot right now.’

Poet’s Corner: ‘I am a Feminist’


As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

‘Tofe Ayeni returns to the Poet’s Corner with another powerful poem to compel you. Send in your poetry to:

Depression, Bulimia, Anorexia: Not Attention-Seeking Behaviour

By Hannah Tong

As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

Suppose someone said this to you: “I’m getting very tired of this cancer thing of yours. It’s high time you snapped out of it.” Not only would it be unimaginable, offensive and insensitive, it displays a clear ignorance in the assumption that the illness was under any of our control. And yet this seems to be many people’s attitude towards mental illness. I don’t doubt that compared to a hundred years back, awareness of mental health has increased. It seems to me however that as the awareness has increased, so have the misconceptions.

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