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Fresh News From Environ Soc

Enviro Group-4

By Alice Chambers

It is undeniably true that the environment is a difficult topic to investigate. Whether you live in the rural countryside or the bustling town, the seriousness of the issue is slowly amplifying. Yes, it is easy to neglect these problems by sweeping them under the carpet as another crisis that the government must deal with that could not possibly concern the individual. Who wants to listen to another teacher or politician bore on about the inevitable future that our world must confront?  We have all had enough. It is starting to become tedious. However comforting it would be to ignore our deteriorating world, sadly it is impossible now to close our eyes.

Hand Dryers: A Load of Hot Air?


By Rebecca MacKay

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, December 2013.)

Some of you are going to dislike this article. Why?

I’m going to advocate the use of paper. I know. Global Warming, the polar bears, the melting ice, the toxins in our atmosphere that will all ultimately result in the total destruction of society as we know it within the next week.

Up-Cycling: A Fashion Fix

Upcycling Fashion Show

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Much to the excitement of the Fashion & Beauty team at Pegasus Pages, the first ever Up-Cycling Fashion Show was held in College last week. We’ve always been massive supporters of eco-friendly, cruelty-free fashion alternatives so the pioneering ideas of Miss Brandon were received openly. Miss Brandon kindly found a few minutes to sit down with Pegasus Pages.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Flower Power-4

By Freya Granger

Long gone are the days when leaving a light on was a guiltless act. Nowadays, when booking a flight, when failing to put our milk carton in the recycling, and even when leaving the tap running whilst brushing our teeth, we are troubled by thoughts of destroyed rainforests, rising sea levels, and lone polar bears bobbing on isolated icebergs. However, worry not. Having interviewed Mr McMahon (Head of environmental activities at CLC) and Mr Speke (Financial Director), we uncovered just how much the Cheltenham Ladies’ College does to minimise its environmental impact.

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