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Depression, Bulimia, Anorexia: Not Attention-Seeking Behaviour

By Hannah Tong

As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

Suppose someone said this to you: “I’m getting very tired of this cancer thing of yours. It’s high time you snapped out of it.” Not only would it be unimaginable, offensive and insensitive, it displays a clear ignorance in the assumption that the illness was under any of our control. And yet this seems to be many people’s attitude towards mental illness. I don’t doubt that compared to a hundred years back, awareness of mental health has increased. It seems to me however that as the awareness has increased, so have the misconceptions.

Colour Green New Cause of Fatal Illness: CLC in Chaos


By I’ll Have Fries with that Satire

News has reached CLC that, according to a British tabloid, scientists have discovered that the colour green is a cause of a new and unknown fatal illness. The school has exploded into colourful chaos which can only have catastrophic consequences.

Aromatherapy – The Healing Power of Oils

Aromatherapy – argan seeds

By Elizka Watt

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Every time you pass a hairdressers, they market some new thing at you. Sometimes it’s a revolutionary new shampoo that “repairs and renews”, an obligatory jejune catchphrase to match.  Nowadays it seems to be the big boom for oils.  You pass a high street and they are everywhere:  Moroccan oil, Argan oil; every scent under the sun.  But what are really the supposed benefits of these substances?

The Girl in the Pin-Striped Trousers: Life, Hygiene, and Me

Milk bath

A new column by:

The Girl in the Pinstriped Trousers

Considering the ridiculously embarrassing-for-me-but-amusing-to-others life I have led up to this point, it would be really quite selfish not to share it with the world. Or at least the small fraction of the world that wants to know. That’s you. Yes, you, the one reading this.

Mumbles of a Medic: No to Hopkins, Yes to Free NHS


Column by aspiring med. student, Sahaj Kaur

Comments on the news:

‘Viewpoint: Katie Hopkins on NHS eating, smoking and drinking costs’

The BBC on 21-11-2012.

Editor’s summary: Katie Hopkins (former Apprentice contestant) argues that people who live unhealthily, eating, drinking, and smoking more than is good for them, should be paying more to the NHS, rather than the taxpayer. She calls for more payments for some health services.

A few months ago, I was happily browsing on the BBC Health News website (I’d recommend it for anyone seeking to keep up to date on the riveting world of medicine, you may even be one of the first to know about the 569th new flu jab!) when I came across this:

Mumbles of a Medic: Work Experience – Is it Worth It?


Column by aspiring med. student, Sahaj Kaur

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

As the scary prospect of university applications looms for SFC1, it’s time for everyone to start thinking about Work Experience (especially Medics and Vets). The holidays are precious and ‘golden’ time for all of us, so in a way it may seem irksome to spend a whole week doing Work Experience. 

Aunty Athena: Pegasus in Pain

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

Our lovely Aunty Athena gives friendly advice to our readers.

Dear Aunty Athena, 

I am suffering from a severe addiction and I’ve tried everything – phone lines, help groups, discussions with my tutor and Housemistress… Yes, I am addicted to Pegasus Pages. I check the website everyday. I am subscribed on emails, Twitter, and Facebook.What can I do? It’s starting to take over my life.

Is Britain in a Nutritional Recession?


By Naomi Chan

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

Comments on the news: 

‘Britain in nutrition recession as food prices rise and incomes shrink’

The Guardian on 18-11-2012

Britain is experiencing a nutritional recession as rising food prices and shrinking incomes are driving up the consumption of fatty foods and reducing the amount of fruit and vegetables which people now buy. This phenomenon is particularly serious amongst the poorest households in Britain.

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