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You Don’t Have to Burn Bras to be a Feminist


By Naomi Morris Omori

Recently, someone said to me: “Naomi, you’ve become a lot more ‘outwardly feminist’ in the past two years.” Yes, and I’m proud of it.

What annoys me intensely is that there is a black name against feminism and that many people are therefore ashamed of calling themselves feminists – both men and women. They do not understand what being a feminist means: it means believing that men and women are equal. Not superior, but equal.

Is This the Future of the Magazine?

By Naomi Morris Omori

 “You picked the place. You chose the look. Her life changed every 90 minutes.”

Warehouse’s recently a ‘Style Me if You Can’ feature on their website called for customers to send in their ‘looks’. These looks would be comprised of their favourite Warehouse items and the participants were meant to give ideal locations for their looks to be worn in. These situations were then compiled and dramatised like in the video below.

It’s snappy; it’s light; it’s a glamorous girl living the London life that we would all love to lead.

Pegasus Pages Raises Charity Funds

Pegasus Pages

By Becky Todd

As seen in the Gloucestershire Echo (Monday, 21st January, 2013).

Last term, The Cheltenham Ladies’ College’s Journalism Society published a school newspaper and sold it to their peers, members of staff, parents, and members of the public, raising almost £200 for charity.

The team of around 30 girls, led by Naomi Morris Omori (Editor-in-Chief) and Eseosa Omorogbe (Deputy Editor), who undertook the task of editing, designing, and printing the papers, were overjoyed at the volume of copies that were sold and money raised.

Freedom of the Press or Privacy?

By Mimi Prickett and Minty Eyre
As featured in Pegasus Pages (December 2012). This article also appeared in The Gloucestershire Echo and The Standard.
A free press is ultimately preferable than a right to privacy; in recent decades the press has been a key medium for revealing hidden information about public figures. It most recently manifested itself in the form of the MP’s expenses scandal. A full copy of the uncensored MP’s expenses record was leaked to the Telegraph, who began publishing details of the MP’s expenses claims in daily installments from May 2009 onwards.
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