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Mumbles of a Medic: No Pain, No Gain


(As seen in Pegasus Pages, June 2013)

Mumbles of a Medic, by aspiring medic, Sahaj Kaur

‘The pain is there to help you; stop moaning’

This was a stimulus for a previous BioMedical Admissions Test essay question and it got me thinking, to what extent is this statement true?

Mumbles of a Medic: Antibiotic Resistance – Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Superbugs Bite

Vibrio Vulnificus Bacterium

Column by aspiring Medic. student, Sahaj Kaur

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Without meaning to sound like a hypochondriac, I must say that I do agree with the Chief Medical Officer, Sally Davies, when she warns that the problem of antibiotic resistance is more grave and more dangerous than we would all like to admit. She calls it a ‘ticking time bomb’ and says it should be placed on the National Risk Register as high as threats such as Climate Change and terrorism. Even though the words ‘antibiotic resistance’ don’t elicit the same chill and cold fear that natural disasters or atomic bombs do, it must still be feared. It is a secret killer, only just emerging from its cocoon. An example of the ‘superbugs’ that antibiotic resistance has yielded is MRSA which kills almost 19000 people every year; this mortality count is much higher than other conditions such as HIV/AIDS. Scared yet? If not, keep reading and I promise this is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Mumbles of a Medic: No to Hopkins, Yes to Free NHS


Column by aspiring med. student, Sahaj Kaur

Comments on the news:

‘Viewpoint: Katie Hopkins on NHS eating, smoking and drinking costs’

The BBC on 21-11-2012.

Editor’s summary: Katie Hopkins (former Apprentice contestant) argues that people who live unhealthily, eating, drinking, and smoking more than is good for them, should be paying more to the NHS, rather than the taxpayer. She calls for more payments for some health services.

A few months ago, I was happily browsing on the BBC Health News website (I’d recommend it for anyone seeking to keep up to date on the riveting world of medicine, you may even be one of the first to know about the 569th new flu jab!) when I came across this:

Mumbles of a Medic: Work Experience – Is it Worth It?


Column by aspiring med. student, Sahaj Kaur

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

As the scary prospect of university applications looms for SFC1, it’s time for everyone to start thinking about Work Experience (especially Medics and Vets). The holidays are precious and ‘golden’ time for all of us, so in a way it may seem irksome to spend a whole week doing Work Experience. 

Mumbles of a Medic: The Saviours of a Failing Healthcare System


Our new Doctor-to-be columnist, Sahaj Kaur, shows her gratitude to the overworked, tired doctors, who, despite having to deal with the daily stress of the government’s cuts, still love the work that they do and inspire younger generations.

The detrimental effects on our National Health Service from the inconsiderate cuts and spending by the coalition government are unquestionable. The NHS is increasingly falling into the clutches of the private sector due to the constant cuts to hospital funding; Andy Burnham ‘vows’ to stop this process if Labour gains power but we’ve already seen how strong David Cameron’s promises have held up. Hospitals face cuts to their funding and resources, whereas the numbers of patients they treat are growing at an alarming rate. This is an obvious recipe for disaster, the effects of which are already being felt by many.

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