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(Relatively) New on the Music Scene: Haim

By Rebecca MacKay

As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

I admit, I haven’t been a fan of Haim for long: I haven’t been following them from conception or anything, though, looking back, I probably should have been. In fact, when their new album first came onto British shelves I was utterly dismissive, believing it to be yet another hipster attempt at individuality from an all girl band once again attempting, but failing, to assert themselves into the music scene.

Metal for Dummies

Metal for Dummies

By Mrs Dowdall and Jess Blackmore

As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

Here is a quick, 10-step programme to get you listening to the heaviest, most gruesome death metal around! We recommend listening in order if you are new to this world, as by number 10 it is fantastically hardcore.

Note: This list is by no means comprehensive. Entire genres of metal have not been included because we don’t like them as much. e.g. Power metal, Symphonic metal, Black metal, Goregrind or Screamo (no, we didn’t make those up).

Where is Chart Music Going Today?

Cheryl Chow takes a look back at the last ten years of music and has compiled a timeline of the top hits of the previous ten years (2003-2013). We hope that this commentary provides some more “throwback” memories, continuing on from Mufti Day last week. What do you think about the music of today? Do you think that we’ll be dancing to these tunes in our old age?

International Music: French Favourites

By Alice Rouget

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, December 2013)

The world of French music has long been dominated by dramatic figures such as Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, and Edith Piaf, amongst others. France has never really been considered a great exporter of music “for the youth”; however, this has all changed in the last decade or so with the emergence of new groups and successful comebacks.

Looking Back on Controversial Summer Tunes


As it’s chilly December, we thought we’d let you reminisce about the music of those summer days of blissful sunshine. ‘Tofe Ayeni puts some of the most talked-about songs and albums of last summer under the magnifying glass.

A Word (or Two) on Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke

By Safa

My first impression on Robin Thicke is not a favourable one. This is none of his fault, as he cannot help the way that he fundamentally looks, but I still cannot warm to him, at all. The reason is because his face looks like Simon Cowell’s, sans Botox and ever-present lascivious smirk.  Well, maybe the second part is untrue, because once I saw the Blurred Lines video, his future became horrifyingly clear: the rag mag covers, proclamations of how much he enjoyed ‘last night’ with both dwarf sisters, or garden gnomes, or Katie Price/Amanda Bynes (the American Version).

Villiers’ Vague Utopia: Winter Whistles

Winter whistles

Issy Villiers is back this term with a fresh dance playlist, introducing us to some of her favourite artists and enticing us to listen with quirky facts about the faces behind these beats. 

This pint-sized selection of songs shall aid you in opening your chakras and keeping your energy levels high as the days get shorter and winter sets in…

Villiers’ Vague Utopia: Avant-garde & Antique


As seen in Pegasus Pages (June 2013).

By Issy Villiers

Voilá a majestic mishmash of familiar songs and little known gems to set you souls off on your summer shebang.

Jenny Laurence’s School of Sound: Soul & Motown

Martha Reeves

By Jenny Laurence

I was recently browsing in a music shop when I realised that my personal collection of Soul classics (particularly from Motown) was rather lacking, considering that I enjoy the music so much. So, as you might be able guess, I bought a 3-CD compilation. Having listened to it all day, I felt like I should share it with you all so it isn’t lost in the folds of time, or my ever-growing CD collection…

Jenny Laurence’s School of Sound: Punk Rock


Jenny Laurence continues her column which aims to educate us on the greatest hits in the last century. This week, she’s introducing us to the wild and revolutionary genre of Punk Rock.

Punk Rock is one of the most listened-to genres on my iTunes – I absolutely love it! It’s not too hard core, amusing at times, fast-paced, and a good foot-tapper. It brings out your rebellious side, and you don’t need a good voice to sing along… Plus, the band names that the groups came up with are absolutely cracking! You’ll know what I mean in a minute.

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