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Lord Flight Spoke to the Economists of CLC

By T. D. Irdina

This article also appeared in the Gloucestershire Echo on Monday, 3rd December.

On the 9th of October, CLC was honoured to welcome Lord Howard Flight, who gave a stimulating speech on both the future of the UK’s economy, his views on politics, and how the government is running the country.

Before and After: The American Election as it Happened


By Clara Fong and T.D. Irdina

Before the Election: Tuesday

Obama vs. Romney – Neck to Neck

As one of the most closely contested presidential elections in decades, people all over the world have been watching the 2012 USA Presidential Election polls closely. There are two clear sides this year, the current Democratic president of the USA Barrack Obama hoping to be re-elected versus Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate.

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