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Quantum Mechanics for Dummies: Schrödinger


In the final instalment of the enlightening Quantum Mechanics for Dummies series, Georgie McDonald talks to us about a certain kitty who meows close to every Physicist’s heart.

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Schrodinger’s cat is the celebrity cat of the Physics world, whether you are a theoretical physicist or not. Although most of us have probably heard of this experiment, you may not know what it actually means, and how it makes the quantum world even crazier.

Quantum Mechanics for Dummies: Thomas Young


Georgie McDonald returns to confuzzle our brains (or unfuzzle, if you are scientifically inclined). Be warned ― it’s not for the easily mindblown!

I previously told you about Einstein’s theory of ‘spooky action at a distance,’ which might have left your brain in a tangled mess. So, to get your brain back in gear for the next article in this series, here is a riddle:

I am the first you ever saw, what greets you every morning, and what goes out in the end. What am I?

Quantum Mechanics for Dummies: Einstein

Albert Einstein
By Georgie McDonald

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

Have you ever wondered what an electron is, or if the atom is really the smallest thing on earth? Well, quantum mechanics is the study of sub atomic particles and, believe it or not, there are particles that are smaller than electrons and even particles that make up protons. The craziness doesn’t stop there; quantum mechanics breaks any law that you were taught in primary school and even at GCSE level. Forget Newton, let’s enter the world of Einstein, Young, and Schrödinger.
In the first article of this series, Georgie McDonald takes a look at Einstein.
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