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When YouTube Became NoTube

A shop burns as riot police try to conta

By Sam Goh

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2014)

It was a bright cold Wednesday in March, and the clocks were striking seventeen. Girls sat at their desks desperately racing to finish overdue prep before the celebratory mood of the last week of term kicked in and rendered the entire student population unproductive and in a state of elated vegetation. That was when the study music stopped. Refreshing twice, we found that the glorious YouTube had been blocked. A certain SFC2 in St. Hilda’s streaked across the corridor from her bathtub to discover in desperation if this was true. Chaos and confusion reigned CLC for a night.

20 Things to Avoid if You Are a Fanatic Facebook Freak


By Cyber Jellyfish

Dear all Fanatic Facebook Freaks,

Please take careful note of the below points of what your most annoying social networking habits are. This is for the good of humanity, to prevent depression and suicide among other Facebook users, and just generally to prove that human kind is redeemable. The misuse and abuse of Facebook currently indicates that it is not, to the extent that the newsfeed pollution I have been forced to scroll through makes social networking a painful experience every weekend (because we only ever go on Facebook at the weekends, obviously).

The Dangers of Social Networking


By Elizka Watt

As seen in Pegasus Pages (June 2013).

I am not on Facebook.  Nor am I on Twitter.  Nor Bebo.  Nor MySpace.  Nor Tumblr, nor YouTube, nor any of the varied and diverse Social Networks out there. When people ask me as to why I am not, I grow tired of explaining the intricacies of the dangerous world of cyber communication.  When people tell me of the “good” of social networking sites, I want to shake them out of sheer despair, especially when I’ve recently given them a lecture on the subject. Those of you who know me will know I enjoy lecturing. Sorry, everybody.

Oogling Over Google Glasses

Google Glasses

As seen in Pegasus Pages (June 2013).

By Rebecca MacKay

Our world is about to experience a technological revolution: the Google Glasses. Many of you will know that the Google Glasses are on the verge of release. They are literally the stuff of sci-fi dreams. But are they necessarily a good thing?

iDon’t Choose iTunes


As seen in Pegasus Pages (March 2013).

By Rebecca MacKay

If you were to purchase a DVD in today’s society, I guarantee at least one person would ask, ‘Why?’ Think about when you last bought a movie. And I mean a physical movie, one that you can hold and cuddle and place in the DVD player of your TV. You can’t remember, can you?

Is Technology a Cause of Sleep Deprivation?


By Mimi Prickett

We are living in a 21st Century like no other where people have technology that can aid them in pretty much everything – whether it be what, how, where or when. We are living in a nation that is always “sleepy”, where endless caffeine hits are a necessity for each day. Scientists are now suggesting that technology – supposedly meant to improve our lives – could in fact be to blame for this trend in tiredness.

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