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Midnight in Paris


Review by Clara Fong (As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2014)

Film: Midnight in Paris

Rating: 5/5

Directed by: Woody Allen

Starring: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Tom Hiddleston

Awards: Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast,” Hemingway wrote in his memoir, aptly named A Moveable Feast.

International Music: French Favourites

By Alice Rouget

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, December 2013)

The world of French music has long been dominated by dramatic figures such as Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, and Edith Piaf, amongst others. France has never really been considered a great exporter of music “for the youth”; however, this has all changed in the last decade or so with the emergence of new groups and successful comebacks.

Wanderings of a Staunch Sherlockian

Sherlock - Ella

Sherlock‘s third season has aired since this article was first published, so let us know what you think about the new season in your comments below!

By Ella Halliday

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, December 2013)

After the announcement of an air date for American Sherlock viewers, in a typically Sherlockian style (a hurst with ‘Sherlock’ spelt out in roses roaming around the streets of London), the return of the consulting detective and his doctor has been at the forefront of many minds. As an obsessively dedicated fan, I celebrated the news by taking a short train journey to London for a Sherlock centric day.

Tell Your Story with the ‘Our Stories’ Project

Our Stories collage small

 ‘If you want to appreciate the beauty of a CLC daisy, you’ve got to examine its roots.’ Freya Granger tells us about the new project with which you can get involved to celebrate the cultural diversity represented at CLC.

As seen in the Gloucestershire Echo (29th January, 2014).

If ever asked to describe the CLC community in one, all-encompassing word, I don’t think I would hesitate. ‘Eclectic’ would be my reply, and for good reason. The school term here at CLC represents a union of different cultures and backgrounds from around the world. In a school with so rich a mix of nationalities, have you ever been curious about where your hockey teammate, chem partner, or housemistress comes from? In the chaos and activity that is CLC life, we often forget to appreciate these details – the details that the Our Stories Project aims to bring to light.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

CLC Edinburgh Fringe 2013-34 small

By Naomi Morris Omori

As seen in the Gloucestershire Echo

Eleven girls from The Cheltenham Ladies’ College took part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, performing two shows at Gryphon Venues which were both well received by critics, receiving three and four star reviews.

The Bustle of the Autumn Term

Activities fair cheltenham ladies'  college

By Emma Bryan

As seen in the Gloucestershire Echo

September sees the mass migration of CLC girls from all over the world back to Cheltenham for the start of the autumn term. Silent for two months, the bustle of school life is in full swing once more, and everyone is glad to be back, whether it is their last year in SFC2 or their first in LC1.

The Children of Calcutta


As seen in Pegasus Pages (June 2013).

By Shree Ganguly

In the 1990s, over 55 million children were born in India. If those 55 million children survived, today it is likely that over 50% of them would be living in poverty. Everyday it amazes me that there was a one in two chance that I could be on a very different side of that statistic and although I haven’t lived in India for many years, it was one of the reasons for why I was very keen to revisit my birthplace and to try to make some kind of a positive impact.

Aloha, Hawaii!

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Sixth-former, Rizzy Yamaoka shares the best of what Hawaii has to offer.

Missing Spain’s Summer Sun

Our junior journalists have had their first articles published. As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).
Violeta Marco tells us about her favourite things to do at the beach in Spain. It’s the perfect time to reminisce about summer, in the bleak midwinter! Sit back, relax, and soak in the metaphorical sunshine of Violeta’s reflections.

Cadbury World is a Chocolate Haven

Cadbury World

By Darcy Beck

Our junior journalists have taken a stab at their first articles – bravo! As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

Cadbury World is a great place to go to for a day trip. It is great for all ages and especially for children.

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