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Wanderings of a Staunch Sherlockian

Sherlock - Ella

Sherlock‘s third season has aired since this article was first published, so let us know what you think about the new season in your comments below!

By Ella Halliday

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, December 2013)

After the announcement of an air date for American Sherlock viewers, in a typically Sherlockian style (a hurst with ‘Sherlock’ spelt out in roses roaming around the streets of London), the return of the consulting detective and his doctor has been at the forefront of many minds. As an obsessively dedicated fan, I celebrated the news by taking a short train journey to London for a Sherlock centric day.

I’m a Celebrity

By Charlotte Jiang

(As seen in Pegasus Pages, December 2013)

I am sure that it has come to the attention of many of you that the thirteenth series of ‘I’m a Celebrity; Get Me Out of Here’ was released recently – if you didn’t know, then I’d say that you are perhaps living in a hole.

Exclusive Footage: Cumberbatch Caught on Camera in Chelt

By Naomi Morris Omori

Message from the Editor
Every CLCer has an inquisitive nose and an ear for gossip. This was proved true by a submission to Pegasus Pages before half term, following a couple of Sherlock articles. A generous good-willer, Ella Halliday, has responded to Becca’s request asking for anyone who had been at the scene of the crime and witnessed the Cumberbatch King in Cheltenham to step forward for the greater good of the CLC community.

Reichenbach Theories


By Sasha Gill

We all watched helplessly as Sherlock Holmes plummeted to his death from the top of St. Bart’s in The Reichenbach Fall. Some of us clutched frantically at the screen, some of us vowed loudly that we would never get so emotionally attached to a fictional character ever again, and some of us simply tweeted  (welcome to the 20th century). How could Sherlock Holmes, owner of glorious cheekbones, be dead? Tears were shed and death notes to Steven Moffat were drafted.

Could Anyone Who Actually Saw Cumberbatch Please Step Forward?

06/07/2011 20:16

By Rebecca MacKay

The Wait. We have waited for so very long, yet we remain faithful until the end.

For those of you who know what I’m referring to, we are at an exciting point in time. To those who don’t, this probably sounds like the introduction to an epic fable of immense happiness, tragic love, and unending despair – which in some ways, it is.

Now you’re all wondering what this is all about, aren’t you?


Sherlclock Countdown to Season 3


By Becky Todd

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Fans of the BCC’s drama series Sherlock (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) will be pleased to hear that filming for the much anticipated third series began earlier last week. The latest series aired over a year ago, ending the finale with an impossible cliff hanger: Sherlock faking his own death. During the hiatus, fan theories for Sherlock’s survival have become steadily more wild and fantastical, ranging from scientifically-accurate to ludicrous.

Who’ll Be the Next Sports Personality of the Year?

By Jenny Laurence

As seen in Pegasus Pages (December 2012).

This year, I was extremely interested in SPOTY, if only because of what happened last year. For those of you who don’t know, every one of the 10 in the shortlist WAS A MAN. (Winner: Mark Cavendish.)

So this year, when the list came out, I was definitely unsurprised to see that 5/12 nominees were women. In fact, the panel (comprising people like Sir Steve Redgrave and Baroness Campbell ‒ chair of UK Sport) was extremely balanced in their shortlist…

Saturday Knights with Merlin


By Sir Laughs-a-Lot and Sir Morbid Mordred

If you mix the far-fetched plot-lines of Eastenders, the fantastical darkness of the Doctor Who villains, the cheesy humour of The Simpsons, and the ‘bromance’ of Scrubs, what do you get? We’re not pretending that it is an intense intellectual challenge, but Merlin is a TV show which is so addictive that it’s almost unhealthy.

Toddlers and Tiaras: Right or Just Wrong?

pink tiaras

By Blossom Cheng

A reality television show, Toddlers & Tiaras, has become increasingly popular due to its controversial themes. The show shows the lives of under-18 beauty pageant contestants, most under the age of ten, some even younger than 3 years old, and their over-ardent parents.

The Women of Downton

Downton Abbey

By Freya Granger

Downton Abbey, one of the most highly acclaimed period dramas on TV, showed its popularity in Cheltenham last month. The Cheltenham Literature Festival’s event, ‘Women of Downton’, welcomed the author Jessica Fellowes, actresses Lesley Nicols (Mrs. Patmore) and Phyllis Logan (Mrs. Hughes), the costume designer Caroline McGall and series producer Liz Turbridge, who shared behind-the-scenes secrets which were greatly relished by the audience.

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