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Metal for Dummies

Metal for Dummies

By Mrs Dowdall and Jess Blackmore

As seen in Pegasus Pages (Summer 2014)

Here is a quick, 10-step programme to get you listening to the heaviest, most gruesome death metal around! We recommend listening in order if you are new to this world, as by number 10 it is fantastically hardcore.

Note: This list is by no means comprehensive. Entire genres of metal have not been included because we don’t like them as much. e.g. Power metal, Symphonic metal, Black metal, Goregrind or Screamo (no, we didn’t make those up).

CollCam: Throwin’ Shapes (It’s Exam Season)

Here at Pegasus Pages we know that it is exam season and that people are probably in need of a little light relief. So pause that revision for a couple of minutes and if this doesn’t make you smile and want to bust out then we don’t know what will! (Spot the teacher cameos…)

CollCam: Throwin’ Shapes (It’s Exam Season) from Pegasus Pages on Vimeo.

Coll Cam returns with a bit of light relief during exam season. Good luck to all with upcoming exams!! If this doesn’t make you smile then we don’t know what will…

More of Coll Cam coming soon.

Video by Megan Thresh

Rowing at CLC – Sponsor the 160km Row

Rowing at CLC from Pegasus Pages on Vimeo.

Saturday 3rd May in the PH from 10am onwards…
Come and support the rowing squad, your friends or members of staff.

Take part and sign up for 10 minute slots (or more if you would like to) on the LC, UC and SFC notice boards or simply just turn up. If you would like to do this, please bring some sports kit to briefly change into. Please also make sure that you don’t miss any compulsory Saturday morning sessions.

Pay £1 to guess how long the task will take us to complete and be in with a chance of winning a signed London 2012 top by Bill Barry and Alan Campbell (both Olympic medalists). All money raised will go to the College charities.

See you there!!

CollCam: What are your best homework lies?

CollCam: Homework Lies from Pegasus Pages on Vimeo.

CollCam: Why Are You Friends? NEW VLOG series!

CollCam screenshot

Pegasus Pages has started its own vlog channel! We introduce to you: CollCam.

Jenny Laurence’s School of Sound: Soul & Motown

Martha Reeves

By Jenny Laurence

I was recently browsing in a music shop when I realised that my personal collection of Soul classics (particularly from Motown) was rather lacking, considering that I enjoy the music so much. So, as you might be able guess, I bought a 3-CD compilation. Having listened to it all day, I felt like I should share it with you all so it isn’t lost in the folds of time, or my ever-growing CD collection…

Exclusive Footage: Cumberbatch Caught on Camera in Chelt

By Naomi Morris Omori

Message from the Editor
Every CLCer has an inquisitive nose and an ear for gossip. This was proved true by a submission to Pegasus Pages before half term, following a couple of Sherlock articles. A generous good-willer, Ella Halliday, has responded to Becca’s request asking for anyone who had been at the scene of the crime and witnessed the Cumberbatch King in Cheltenham to step forward for the greater good of the CLC community.
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