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Villiers’ Vague Utopia: Winter Whistles

Winter whistles

Issy Villiers is back this term with a fresh dance playlist, introducing us to some of her favourite artists and enticing us to listen with quirky facts about the faces behind these beats. 

This pint-sized selection of songs shall aid you in opening your chakras and keeping your energy levels high as the days get shorter and winter sets in…

Villiers’ Vague Utopia: Avant-garde & Antique


As seen in Pegasus Pages (June 2013).

By Issy Villiers

Voilá a majestic mishmash of familiar songs and little known gems to set you souls off on your summer shebang.

Villiers’ Vague Utopia – Spring is Coming

Vague Utopia

As seen in Pegasus Pages, March 2013.

Issy is back with more melodies for the soul to contrast with this miserable weather and get you ready for spring.

What Issy’s Listening to this Week:

Go on a picnic, whip out the tartan blanket, and kick back with your Easter eggs to these tunes:

Villiers’ Vague Utopia – Chill


By Issy Villiers

Laze, lie, lounge, and relax to these handsome hombres and señoras.

What Issy’s Listening to this Week (18th Jan – 25th Jan)

Artist – Title

Music: Villiers’ Vague Utopia – Music for Muscles


By Issy Villiers

Having been away for a month or so, celebrating the festive season, indulging ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the joyous holiday, having a marvellous time, and possibly eating a little bit too much christmas pudding, the New Year is finally upon us. However, now it’s back to the grindstone as reality calls. One major aspect of the January Blues is a motivation to exercise! This is what has inspired this week’s list of chanty, chirpy, cheeping, and chirruping tunes. 

Rejoice in the gymnasium, gentlewomen!

Music: Villiers’ Vague Utopia – Let’s Party Like it’s the End of Term


By Issy Villiers

For the remaining seven days of term, I’ve compiled an upbeat, melodious array of sweet-sounding dance music, which I believe to be quintessential now that the party season is upon us.

Music: Villiers’ Vague Utopia – Some Favourites

Lianne La Havas

By Issy Villiers

I have to admit that it’s been tricky making a playlist of only seven songs. Despite this, I came to the conclusion that the finest way to introduce my new ‘Issy’s Listening to’ column would be to compile a list of some of my best-loved tracks.

Bask in these glorious melodies, dear ones.

What Issy’s Listening to this Week (30th Nov – 6th Dec)

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